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Peeling the Cosmic Onion: Living in the Now



Dream of Flying by George Grie

From India Correspondent Divyaa Kummar…

So many ask me to help them know what their life’s purpose is and my answer to them is this: “Your life’s purpose is whatever is happening in your life Now; whatever makes up your Now – your current desires or fears are your purpose to be! Whoever and whatever is a part of your Now, that is your purpose.

It’s such a simple reality and yet it is in our nature to seek some deeper answer; some seemingly grander purpose. And yet, the Now is our only true purpose in life. And as we fulfill the reason for whatever is in our Now, it becomes the step for the next ‘purpose’ to appear, whatever that purpose may be.

Our current fears serve as our Now’s purpose as well – and when fear is in the Now, we have in fact chosen to dis-empower ourselves and move away from our very center. Whatever is the root of that which we have chosen to move away from rises as fear. It’s for this reason we need to tackle that which makes us most afraid.  When we do so,  the fear will always subside, and we move closer to our center, to that which holds our purpose, that which holds our Now. Our desires are the whisperings of our souls urging us to move towards what we have chosen to experience or at a  deeper level, what the Whole chooses to experience through us. This is why desire will always trump fear.   

Desires work as our ‘purpose to be’ in many ways.  In the fulfillment of our desires, our experience and its completion at soul level,  we discover purpose and desire starts to fall away.  Sometimes however, things unfold in such a way that we don’t get exactly what we desired.  Regardless, it turns out desire was only the carrot for whatever we learned or experienced in trying to fulfill it.

Sometimes,  the experience, the jounrey towards who we are, and not the shift to move away from our centers,  is the true purpose of desire. Whatever temporal relationships and areas of life that make up our Now serve as our current purpose to be – our movement towards some completion; towards some learning; towards some experience that we require at soul level.  When the purpose gets accomplished, we often find those relationships or areas of life being weaned from our lives.

In the end, our purpose to be – that which we we call our life purpose – is two pronged. First, it’s what we, our souls, through life experience, have chosen to learn. Secondly, and equally as important, it’s what we have chosen to contribute as a result of our experience. Both are part of our life purpose, though many think this involves only our individual contributions – what we can do for others and the world.  But just as important is the process of learning – the enhancement of our strengths, the moving away from weakness, and by extension, the allowing of our souls to grow, and thus contribute to the grandiose Whole that surrounds us all.

So what is your purpose to be? Look into all that makes up your Now. Its right there… all you have to do is see.


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