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Photo of the Week – Prairie Symbolism

Photograph by David Anthony Hohol


The Canadian Prairies of Alberta give you some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring lands in the world. This is often combined with the rustic antiquity of aged homesteads and family farms from years passed. Life as it once was and, despite humanity being in the midst The Digital Revolution, the way it still very much is today, intersecting at a point of beauty.

The picture above was taken from inside a shelter built in the 1920s. The view stares out into the open plains of the prairies and can be symbolic, if one so chooses to look at it that way. Doors and windows have had, throughout art and literary history, much symbolic meaning attached to them. The image of the open door, with no lock or latch, can represent the unconditional nature of our relationship with the physical world, while at the same time revealing our need to internalize existence as a seperate and purely individual entity. Such an image can thus become a conduit into an individuals thoughts and emotions – an image of the human soul.

It could also be just a nice photograph. We’ll leave that up to you…

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Photo Of The Week – The Days of Egypt

Photograph by David Anthony Hohol

With the world’s eyes on Cairo these past three weeks, RELATIVITY Online wanted to send a heartfelt Mabrouk and Congratulations to the Egyptian people for their courage and dedication to doing what is right. The region will never be the same, and Middle Eastern authoritarian regimes will forever think twice about how it is they do business with their own people. A long road lies ahead of Egypt, but this is the start that can take them to a more fruitful life. Above is a photograph taken in downtown Cairo in one of the many side streets that line the ancient city. In the days before the Revolution near the city’s oldest market, a man sits back and takes in the world. This morning that world is such a very different place than it was before.

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Photo of the Week – The Colors of Istanbul

Photograph taken by David Anthony Hohol

Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, historically known as Byzantine or Constantinople, is one of the most storied places on Earth. At 12.8 million people, it’s also currently the 5th largest proper city in the world. Extended across either side of the Bosphorus River, Istanbul is the only city in the world situated on two continents – Asia and Europe.  Incredibly, Istanbul has served as the capital city to the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Aside from the host of museums, fortresses, pavilions, churches and mosques that come with such a historical center, sometimes the simplest sites bring the greatest rewards.  The photograph above was taken at one of Istanbul’s largest fruit and vegetable markets, where one can plainly see the beauty of the city has translated into the meticulous, varied and vibrant presentation of this particular vendor.

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Photo Of The Week – Ethiopia Down

Photograph by David Anthony Hohol

Ethiopia seems to most often bring to mind poverty and famine, but there is much more to one of only two countries in Africa never to be colonized. Ethiopia, an is a very old country beyond all imaginations, that carried with it deep cultural traditions, some as many as 300 years old. There are over 80 different Ethnic groups and with the strong religious environment, (predominantly Orthodox Christian) celebrations and festivals play a large role in daily life.

Taken outside a small rural village approximately 60 km outside the storied town of Lalibela, the above photograph captures several children at the conclusion of a church service in the middle of the Ethiopian country side. Several of the churches in the area are carved from the stone face sides of mountains and hills.

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Photo of The Week – Prairie Beauty

Photograph by David Anthony Hohol

The Canadian Prairies are as beautiful as any place on the planet and Alberta may epitomize their essence. Alberta is where the Great Central Plains meet the magnificent Canadian Rockies and contains awe-inspiring mountains, wondrous rolling hills and mystifying flat lands. The altitude provides Alberta with month after month of star-filled skies to wish upon and dream under.The golden fields of wheat and barely that dance in the wind and the grasslands that sparkle with wolf willows or prairie sage make Alberta a place of amazing beauty.

The picture above is a recently turned field of wheat soon ready for harvest centered by a former homestead since abandoned and left to only remind us of a lifestyle that seems so long ago, but in the annals of time is only yesterday. We have come so far, so fast and sometimes we forget as a result; forget that simplicity is the truest form of beauty.

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Photo of the Week – North Korea and The Great Leader

Photograph by David Anthony Hohol

Tourists can only visit North Korea with an organized tour under constant and strict supervision. You are given no chance to mingle with locals and can only visit spots designated by the government, all the while being under armed guard. All phone calls are monitored and you cannot leave your hotel unless accompanied by security. But if you are up for the adventure, it’s s trip you will never forget.

Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, is essentially an open air museum displaying an entirely closed city of a totalitarian regime. One gets the feeling they have traveled back in time to the 1950s when walking the streets, as very little has changed since the end of WWII.North Korea is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world. Led by Kim-Jong Ill, it is the last Stalin dictatorship left on the planet.

In the photograph above is a huge bronze statue that looms high above the city located in the center of Pyongyang.  It portrays Kim Il-sung, the late father of the country’s current dictator, Kim Jong-il. Kim Il-sung is known in North Korea as “The Great Leader” and “The President for Eternity” and was hand picked by Joseph Stalin to run the state. Often visitors are taken directly to the statue from the airport in order to pay homage to the “Father.”

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Photo of the Week – A Moment in Rwanda


Photograph by David Anthony Hohol


For most, the country of Rwanda brings to mind the 1994 genocide that killed nearly a million people in little more than 3 three months – more than 20% of the country’s population. Despite this massive humanitarian tragedy, Rwanda has done very well in rebuilding itself. In 2009, a CNN report referred to Rwanda as Africa’s biggest success story, having achieved stability and economic growth. The government is seen by the international community as the most efficient and honest on the African continent, with the capital city of Kigali often cited as the cleanest and most secure.

Nevertheless, the country has few natural resources and an estimated 90% of the working population farms. The photo above was taken on a farming homestead just over the Uganda / Rwanda border near the town of Kabale. No power and no running  water is the norm and life means hard work from an early age.  In the photograph, the pregnant mother is caught in moment of contemplation as her young daughter looks straight through the camera lens.  Her eyes fixated upon me, an expressionless face, the entire time I was there. 

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