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My Fellow American


From David Anthony Hohol…

The atmosphere of wariness applied by many to American Muslims marginalizes what once made The United States of America one of the greatest countries in which to live, and the very values the country was founded upon. I am not the only one who sees The USA as in decline in terms of its moral base, a base that once guided the world. It’s neighbor to the North, Canada and it’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has replaced the American Bill of Rights as the constitutional document most emulated by other nations. Most of the world looks at the United States as complicating world affairs, more than helping them and overall, the American image has taken a tumble. The ugly nature of politics within the country since Obama’s election to the office of President has also revealed that racism and prejudice is an issue far from being settled.

I recently came across an interesting website, My Fellow American, that touches upon these very ideals. It was created to offer a new method of chronicling the tale of Muslims in America and to provide people a safe platform to discuss their opinions. The video above is their site promo.


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Making Love Feared – Disturbing Undertows Of The Norway Massacre


From Dr. Kazi Kearse…

The recent massacre in Norway has exposed something for me that is even more vile and atrocious then the atrocities of the innocent blood spilt that day. It’s become clear to me that what is happening to us, as a planet is that we are being walked down a dark path. We are being told there is light at the end of the tunnel, by those in power, but it is really a dead end. At the end of that road there is a really bad man, with really bad intentions for us. We are being lied to, and told that up is down, and down is up. By making love feared, they hope we will lose our way, and all sight of the light…


Many of you will remember a time when most things seemed right in the world? They weren’t, but the evil or darkness, always managed to stay below the surface. We grew up hearing that the government wants to help us, and the world, and that our leaders wanted what was best for us. We were taught that there was two separate political parties in the United States, and that the Fed, IRS, UN, NATO, and all the fortune 500 corporations, were independent entities, with no hidden agendas. Instead we find today that they are all owned by the same individuals, and are colluding for their own interest…aka.. Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, G20…etc

The Norway Massacres:   The New Oklahoma City

Some will say that the Norwegian gunman acted alone … Some will say that he had help…. Some will say that he is part of a larger organized effort to control the entire world…  Let’s take a look at some of the facts that we do know at this time:


1.  Anders Behring Breivik was captured on Utoya Islandwhile shooting helpless

young summer campers, there on a political retreat. Oddly, police called him by

name ( before they arrested him ) to put down his weapon ….and he did…

2.  Police take 90 minutes to reach the island…which should have taken 20 minutes.

3.  Norway was to:           –  Recognize Palestineas acountry.

–  Withdraw military forces from Libya.

–  Withdraw from European Union.

4.   The children on the island were from the families of the current lawmakers.

By killing the children, and not the law makers, you allow for government

to seamlessly continue on the surface, but yield to your control or manipulation,

behind the scene.

5.   Breivik’s facebook sight was changed ( by somebody else ) AFTER he was taken

into custody. It was altered, and typed in English so that he listed himself as

Christian, among other things. The new version was completely slanted to reflect

the storyline that the media would pump out in the coming days.

6.   Breivik “says” there are two more cells.

7.   Breivik has known Zionist connections:

“According to his own statements, Anders Behring Breivik previously operated the blog ‘Fjordman’, and later wrote for many years under the pseudonym Fjordman for the anti-Muslim and Zionist blogs Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch.”

8.   Zionist’s were VERY unhappy with Norway:

a) The Norwegian “Oslo Accords” would recognize a UN resolution for a Palestinian state… Including a visit planned by Palestinian Ambassador.

b) The camp that was attacked was “ground zero” for the boycott Israel movement in Norway.

9.    Script seems “set to go” for a world wide investigation and censoring of any anti

government speech. No longer will it be “just” Muslim Terrorist suspects

that will be kept on “No Fly – No Buy – No Ride – No Gun” Lists.


INTERPOL Plans To Investigate ALL Right Wing Political Groups


In the wake of Norway’s terrorist attack, the European police agency is setting up a task force of more than 50 experts to help northern European countries investigate non-Islamic terror threats, its spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Soeren Pedersen said the group, which is based in The Hague, hopes to help Norway and nearby countries in their investigations in the coming weeks.

This “investigation” was announced within hours of the massacre…. They even have the headquarters all picked out, and a list of 50 “experts”!

We Are The Real Targets

The real target of the Norway massacre is becoming clear. It is not just the slain victims in Norway, but also free speech, and political decent. WE ARE THE TARGETS. If you study how the media is spinning this it is to shut us up, or “stopping vile online propaganda”. They are flipping it so that calling for peace or stopping atrocities will be labeled “hate speech” and they will have an excuse to shut it down. In other words, to legally quench decent….

You can “take it to the bank” ( pardon the pun ), that this is all a big beta test for how they will control decent here in the United States. For, everything that happens in Egypt or Greece, etc…eventually shows up on our shores. This is no different. The bankers know that we are their main opposition. We have been since 1776… Since then it’s been “those pesky American’s”…who just won’t roll over… The following is from a London newspaper, just prior to President Lincoln being assassinated:

“if that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will payoff debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent and the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.

  – The Times of London 1862


 The last real obstacle for the elite is to remove the United States as a world power. By buying off politicians they have been putting through legislation that has slowly been destroying our republic:

– Act of 1871: Returns America to control by the bankers and the monarchy.

– Federal Reserve Act 1913: Gives them control of the money supply.

– Emergency Banking Act of 1933:  Dissolved the United States of America, it’s sovereign authority, and all of it’s governmental bodies. From that day on, the United States of America would exist in name only. Authority was turned over to the International Monetary Fund.

Sounds hard to believe, right? We have been lied to for so long that the truth sounds “crazy”, and the people who speak the truth are called conspiracy theorists. But once you begin to do your own research you find out that we have been being played all along. Look at this speech that David Rockefeller gave:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and

other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and

respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been

impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to

the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more

sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The

supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely

preferable to the National auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

– David Rockefeller (1991 Speech to the Trilateral Commission)


Today’s Banksters and Oligarchs:

The Rothschilds…. TheRockefellers…George Soros… Queen Of England…etc

It is estimated that 8 -13 families run the world. They own the major banks, Fortune 500 corporations, Media sources, and governments covertly, if not overtly. It is also said that 400 people in America have more combined wealth than the bottom 50% of people, or over 150 million Americans.

The real wages of people in the United States and around the world are increasingly declining. As comedian George Carlin said, “It’s a club, and you and I ain’t in it”!

If they have their way, telling the truth will become a crime, instead of an act of love from one human being to another. They will have succeeded in flipping LOVE to HATE. A speech about love and peace, and stopping war or atrocities, like in for example Palestine, becomes hate speech, and something our ears should fear.

I do not fear love. I will not fear speaking out when I see something is wrong. I invite you to join me. I believe we still have time. I believe that this war is fought in each of our hearts and minds, one mind, and one heart at a time. They only win if they can conscript you, dominate you, or make you helpless. They need your consent.


That is what this is all about. Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

If you join me, I think we’ve won a battle today…



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Islam In America – An Experiment in Social Psychology


How would you react if you saw a Muslim woman being mistreated in a store, not being served purely because of what she was wearing and the religion she follows?

ABC’s news magazine Primetime posed this very question and with the help of hidden cameras conducted a little experiment. The results are interesting to watch and at times, highly emotional. They show that while some Americans are prejudiced, most aren’t. The minority of those involved in the experiment who supported prejudiced behavior don’t realize North American culture as a whole is very much the New World, a civilization built upon the pillars of immigration and secular thought.


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Islamophobia for Dummies


Islamophobia can best be described as an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims. The term was originally coined in the late 1980s, but became commonly used after September 11, 2001. Much has been said about the so-called “Ground Zero” mosque proposal in New Your City as of late.  RELATIVITY Online’s The Brady Report has seen Kyle Brady chime in with his own well-informed position on that matter as well.

What has often been left out of all the discussion is that the mosque is in fact already there and has existed for decades, pre-dating the former World Trade Center Towers themselves. Such is an example of how the malleable American public has been force fed a fear campaign by those who oppose much of anything to do with Islam and many are swallowing it whole. With that said, there are those who see the opposition of the mosque for what it is; most notably The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. The Jewish Comedian turned trusted news source has championed the effort to reveal the ridiculousness and hypocrisy fueling all those who oppose the mosque, which is actually being renovated into a cultural center. Once again, Stewart reminds RELATIVITY of why we see him as America’s best News Anchor. Wonder if we could convince to do a guest editorial?


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72 Virgins… Really?


From Larry Wohlgemuth…

72 virgins is the going Islamic rate to get a man to drive a car filled with explosives into a group of Americans. It must be true, it has to be true, because that’s what our leaders have told us. They want us to believe it’s about the deviant sexual desire of a Muslim, nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve wondered about who would believe that. Amazingly I hear it from people who occupy high stations in life, and not just from the ignorant, wallowing masses. I’ve heard doctors, lawyers, preachers and teachers repeat this claim; totally convinced of its truthfulness. It begs the question, do people become suicide bombers to cash in on a promise of an eternity frolicking with 72 virgins?

My first adult experience with propaganda was Idi Amin. His brutality was never in question, however during his rise to power it wasn’t mentioned in the Western press. His ascension was supported by Western forces eager to get their hands on rich Ugandan mineral deposits. We needed “our son of a bitch” in charge, and only when his demands for a larger cut became inconvenient did the Western press refer to him as “the Butcher of Africa”. Rumors that he was a cannibal were part of the plan to demonize and remove him from power.

In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait for slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields. He’d received the okay from George Bush I via April Glaspie, who said the United States viewed it as strictly an “Arab matter”. Immediately upon the invasion we spread wild rumors about 300 babies in incubators being removed from hospitals and killed by Iraqi forces. This was the justification used for the first Gulf War. Known as “the Butcher of Baghdad” (sound familiar) he was eventually hunted down and killed.

There are others, like Manuel Noriega and Augusto Pinochet, but the story’s the same. Empowered by the West to facilitate the theft of resources, only to later be demonized and deposed. The reality is that they got greedy and demanded ever bigger shares, and the West dispatched and replaced them with men willing to work for less.

Fast forward to today’s rhetoric and it’s obvious things have not changed. Outlandish claims are made about the Islamic people in the Middle East that we are expected to believe. They hate our freedoms” and “72 virgins” are the most used. It’s a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign, courtesy of Edward Bernays, designed to influence your beliefs about Muslims. It works because people are too lazy to consider its irrationality. Given that the American Taliban can get one of their unhinged members to walk into a church and shoot a doctor, anything must be possible, right? But let’s consider an alternative.

In the 1953 coup in Iran the CIA helped overthrow the duly elected Mossadegh government and installed the Shah and his American trained SAVAK secret police. A 1963 CIA-backed coup in Iraq brought the Baath party and eventually Saddam Hussein to power. There’s the first Gulf War in 1990, a decade of bombings in the no-fly zones in Iraq throughout the 90s and finally the second Gulf War. As a result millions of Muslims are dead and tens of millions have been injured or otherwise damaged. I can’t imagine what it would be like on my wedding day to see my family and fiancée all lying dead as the result of a bomb. Or my door being kicked in and my wife being dragged away by a secret police force to be beaten, tortured and raped. Or digging through a pile of rubble to retrieve the lifeless body of my three-month-old baby. (WARNING: Graphic Content)

When I was a young man my blood would boil; either for sex when I was horny or revenge when I had been hurt. You could have promised me 72,000 virgins to no avail, but if I had just buried half of my family someone could have convinced me to strap a bomb on my back to kill the people responsible for my pain. I lived for revenge, and I don’t think people in that part of the world are fundamentally any different than me in this regard. They kill because we killed first.

Our government wants us to turn people into cartoon characters, stereotypes, so we won’t consider the ramifications of our actions. In World War II they were called the Krauts and Nips, in Korea it was Chinks, Vietnam was Gooks and now it’s Hajis. The government spreads stories about 72 virgins, but you can’t convince me that they’re any different than we are. They want to fall in love, get married and raise children in what they hope to be a better world, just like we do, and anything else is complete and utter nonsense.

They’re just like us because they ARE us; we’re all one. If our leaders can’t get us to see them as subhuman we would no more pick up a rifle and kill them than we would our own parents, grandparents, spouse or children. By reducing their status it validates our entitlement to exterminate them. Don’t let them do that to you. Your humanity is your birthright, and no one can take it away without your permission.

When we realize we have more in common with the people we are shooting than the people instructing us to do the shooting, then we will own our humanity and the world will know peace, and not before. I say the time is now.


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The End of the Painted Veil


From David Anthony Hohol…

Led by France and President Nicolas Sarkozy, Europe continues to move towards a full ban on both the full face-covering burka and the niqab, while cries of discrimination against Muslims run through the Arab World. A funny thing then happened – Muslims the world over were caught off guard when Syria banned veils of all types from post-secondary institutions across the country, both public and private.

The ban reveals an unusual agreement in principle between the authoritarian secular government of Syria and democratic Europe. In the end, both see the niqab as an oppressive threat to identity and secularism.

Directives have been given to all Syrian universities from the Ministry of Education to ban niqab-wearing (and burka-wearing) women from even registering. Syria has taken things even further by transferring all primary school teachers who were wearing the niqab out of the classrooms and into administrative positions, separating them from the children altogether. The political aim is to protect Syria’s secular identity.

Only last week, the French parliament approved a ban on the niqab, doing so in an effort to define and protect French values — a move that angered many in the country’s large Muslim community. When news of Syria’s ban hit however, there was barely a ripple. The lack of protests suggests there is a double and somewhat hypocritical standard being applied by many in the Arab World.

Well, it’s not really a part of Islam. Nowhere does it say that a woman must cover her face and anyone who says so is lying. It’s more about very old traditions,” is something I heard several times when discussing the ban with people here in the Middle East.

This is a far cry from, “ Those French Bastards should mind their own business! Sarkozy is an asshole!

Back in August this writer openly disagreed with the blanket ban being attempted by France. Niqabs and burkas should certainly be banned from any and all levels of education and places of work, but banning someone from wearing what they want to wear while walking down the street on their day off is just plain ridiculous. A government cannot over-reach itself in such a manner and must have limitations. Too much government is never a good thing. A sweeping law such as the one proposed in France suggests a blindness to the fact that drafting laws to dictate the dress codes of women at all times is exactly what the backwards dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Iran do, making such a law an inverted reflection of what it is standing against.

Nevertheless, one can argue the extremist ban by France has had ripple effect of positive change in the Middle East.

Syria is only the latest nation to take a stance on the veil. Turkey has not only long banned the niqab, but even the headscarf, considering attempts to allow them an affront to the nation’s secular Laws.  The Egyptian and Jordanian governments have started to discourage them, and the United Arab Emirates has also begun to ban them in certain instances. With the Muslim world looking to cut out the niqab, its no wonder the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium are all considering taking steps similar to that of France.  And it’s also understandable that if Muslim countries are willing to ban them from schools or workplaces, European countries would take things one step further and attempt to ban them altogether.

Opponents have said such bans violate freedom of religion, one’s personal right to choose and further still, such legislation damages the image of Muslims. They fall relatively silent however, when countries within the Arab world take similar measures.

It’s also important to note that while the West’s objection to face-covering is largely a form of activism in the name of women, moves to do the same from inside the Arab World stem from fear of social dissent.

Middle East experts say the issue is more about the growing chasm between the Arab World’s secular aristocracy and the poverty-stricken masses of the lower class who often turn to religion for comfort. The niqab is not widespread in Syria, Jordan or Egypt, but in recent years it has become more common. The Middle East in general is currently witnessing a rapid growth of income gap, and governments have been quick to take note. Lower class and the working poor tend to cling to religion as a way to cope with their less than satisfactory existence. Salafism, the most extremist sect of Islam, is what Syria is trying to discourage with this ban.  Simply put, the government wants to stamp out any symbolic dissent represented by the very un-secular niqab in order to maintain control.

“We are witnessing a rapid income gap growing in Syria — there is a wealthy ostentatious class of people who are making money and wearing European clothes. The lower classes are feeling the squeeze. It’s almost inevitable that there’s going to be backlash. The worry is that it’s going to find its expression in greater Islamic radicalism,” says Joshua Landis, an American professor and Syria expert who runs a blog called Syria Comment.

It’s a mistake to view the niqab as a personal freedom. It is rather a declaration of extremism.” Says Bassam Qadhi, a Syrian women’s rights activist.

There’s no doubt, Islam is changing. As a religion, Islam is more than 600 years younger than Christianity. Let’s not forget 600 years ago the Judeo-Christian West was burning women at the stake for being witches. A more pluralistic, more secular and indeed, a more Western version is Islam is inevitable.  It will simply take some time, but the clock is already ticking.


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The Myth of Saudi Segregation


From Saudi Arabia Correspondent Eman Al Nafjan…

Great controversy is brewing in Saudi Arabia and it all starts and ends with Sheikh Ahmed Al Ghamdi. Al Ghamdi is a 47 year old PhD holder in administration and strategical planning and also has spent 15 years studying Islam.

The whole issue began when Okaz Newspaper published a lengthy article last December written by Sheikh al Ghamdi in which he proclaimed that there is no such thing as gender segregation in Islam. He stated that what we are at today is based on extremism and cultural considerations. Moreover he points out that the very thing that we have been prohibiting is practiced in most Saudi households with the presence of maids. Anyhow this is not the first time that a Saudi sheikh has written about the illogicality of gender segregation. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Baz wrote about it and so did the judge Eissa al Ghaith. Although both got an earful, their articles were eventually forgotten. The difference with Sheikh al Ghamdi is that he is head of the Makkah PVPV commission. And as everybody knows, maintaining gender segregation is one of the highest callings of the PVPV. So for Sheikh al Ghamdi to come out and say that this form of segregation is Islamically baseless, it becomes an issue of conflict of interests. And then he tops his gender segregation article with another article on not banning shops from business during prayer time.

Going around shopping areas to insure that they close during prayer is another main component of a PVPV member’s job description. As one journalist points out, Shiekh al Ghamdi may be free to write what he thinks but as an employee of the PVPV, he shouldn’t be publishing things that go against their policies and practices.

For the PVPV and the whole ultra conservative majority, to have one of their own, someone who they had given a high position in their hierarchy go against their beliefs is a slap in the face. Attacks on Shiekh al Ghamdi’s character, credentials and articles were on every one of their TV channels and papers. Some claimed that he was paid to write what he wrote. And then a group of influential muttawas got together and decided to invite Sheikh al Ghamdi to a televised debate. He came onto to the show and it struck me as more of a trap.

Insults were thrown at him right and left. The opposing debaters instead of discussing al Ghamdi’s points kept calling him a mere accountant who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Another claimed that al Ghamdi was blasphemous towards the Prophet (PBUH). The call-ins were a confirmation of my belief that the whole show was a set up. Again a bunch of sheikhs called in and insulted al Ghamdi and then HRH prince Khalid bin Talal called demanding that al Ghamdi be fired from his PVPV post and called him an embarrassment to Saudi Arabia. This lead to a flurry of news organizations reporting that a PVPV sheikh was fired for not believing in gender segregation. The next day it was learned that Al Ghamdi was still at his PVPV post.

The following week sheikh al Ghamdi was again invited to the show to debate the issue. The second show was an improvement on the first. The debaters were given three uninterrupted minutes to state their case and everyone tried to avoid personal insults. The call-ins too were more balanced with some calling in in support of al Ghamdi. On both shows I was impressed by how confident and articulate al Ghamdi was. In comparison, the other two shiekhs seemed baffled and unprepared.

However the outcries against him haven’t subsided and his job at the PVPV is still up in the air. The afternoon of April 25th, a statement was released to the newspapers that a routine shuffle has resulted in the demotion of sheikh al Ghamdi, and then a couple of hours later all newspapers were requested not to publish the statement. And up to the writing of this post no news of whether or not Sheikh al Ghamdi will be allowed to keep his job has come out.


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The Cancer of Islam



Anyone who knows me or RELATIVITY OnLine knows full well we have done our part to criticize and confront the numerous instances of stereotypes, misinformation and propaganda  incorporated by the global powers that be in terms of the Middle East. This writer has gone to great lengths to expose Israel’s occupation of Palestine as a barely veiled attempt at ethic cleansing. We also have pointed out that groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are in fact fueled by unjust, manipulative and / or misguided Western actions. In short, we have championed the cause of Arabs time and again.  Now, however, I must turn my critique towards the Muslim world. It is a place not known for tolerance of criticism, but criticism is necessary if it is to purge itself of the deadly cancer known as extremism. More importantly, it is a criticism that must be heard before its too late. Life and death weigh in the balance.        

Western actions, however unfair they may appear to be, are no excuse for the extremist violence seen in Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. There is zero excuse for blowing up hotels in Jordan, buildings in the United States, embassies in Kenya, trains in the United Kingdom, Night Clubs in Indonesia, Souks in Egypt, compounds in Saudi Arabia, subways in Spain, or Markets in India.  How is killing innocent men, women and children supposed to serve as payment for unjust Western policies and ignorance? How? These so-called Muslims, these so called defenders of Islam, target innocent people to make their so-called religious attacks. They are gutless cowards in every way someone can be. They are the great shame of Islam.  

Even more vile and insane are those who cold-bloodedly kill their own, the slaughtering of fellow Muslims in the name of God.  This is what makes them true monsters – they are not invading occupiers, but neighbors to those they kill and maim. Above all else, manipulating 14-year old children into sacrificing their lives before they have even had a chance to experience it is the epitome of cowardice evil.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent people have died in the mindless violence, with few ever really knowing why.

It’s time for the Muslim world to take a long look at itself in the mirror and be brutally honest with its own reflection. Some of the worst crimes against Muslims have been committed in the name of Islam by Muslims themselves. This is the reality Muslims have to both face and confront.  

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh in an address to nearly three million pilgrims in Mecca during last year’s Hajj raised this point at a time and place it never had been before. He harshly condemned extremist attacks in every way, calling such actions “the curse of Muslim lands.” He called extremism and suicide bombers the “most serious problem” facing the Muslim world. In other words, he looked the Muslim world in the eye and said out loud for everyone to hear that members of the Muslim Community itself are the biggest problem Islam faces today – not Israel, not the United States, but members of their own brethren.  The sad part is that few people even know the Grand Shiekh made these statements, and this includes Muslims themselves.

The very fact that a Muslim of his stature spoke such words, and at the Hajj address no less, reveals the Grand Sheikh’s acknowledgment that Muslims have to be the first to condemn extremism and to do so loudly.  Muslims the world over, be they politicians, presidents, academics, religious scholars, business leaders, or just ordinary everyday folk need to offer up a collective voice of condemnation so as to pull Islam out from under of the ugly light cast upon it by extremists. Islam needs its people to do what’s right, now more than ever before.

From David Anthony Hohol…


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Al Qaeda’s Love Letter to George W.


Al Queda

From David Anthony Hohol…

When Barack Obama became president of the United States, his foreign policy agenda approach was transparent and forthright.  He believes that America needs to talk with other governments, even if their policies are undemocratic or even extremist. For his administration, dialogue is the key. He also prefers acting with other countries, rather than going it alone. It must have been so very disappointing for terrorists groups like Al Queda to watch Obama addressing the Muslim world from Cairo, calling for fresh start to relations and a new page in history. 

With this is in mind, Al Queda is missing the good old Bush days. Having an American president that reaches out to the developing world in general, and most particularly the Arab Muslim world, annuls the very foundation of Al Queda’s radical ideology; that being the age old and simplistic “Us vs. Them” doctrine.  This too was a George W. favorite.

Ask yourself this question:  How would George W. acted after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s recent attempt to bring down an American Airline on December 25th? What would Bush have said?  To have made the attempt on December 25th suggests the timing was chosen to ignite an East vs. West conflict, building on the eight year war of divisive actions and words between Al Queda and company and the Bush Administration. This is when Bush came up with gems like “You’re either with us, or your with the terrorists.”   In moments like this, George W. Bush was unwittingly the poster boy for Al Queda recruitment.   And oh how they loved him for it.   

With the latest attempt to terrorize the public, the hope was to handcuff another American presidency to the reactionary side of the war on terror. Obama, however, will not be manipulated and will stay on the diplomatic course his administration set into motion the day he was sworn in as President. Perhaps more than any other sitting American President, Obama is very aware of the extremist mindset; that being to hijack the social and political agenda of Muslim societies so as to create conflict and division between East and West. Whether you voted for him or not, most would agree that Obama is aware that crime has no religion. This is why the world will be a more stable place while he remains in power.


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North American Muslims Unite Against Jihadists


CultureClashMuslimOn Friday, Canadian and American Muslim Leaders produced a religious edict, or fatwa, which clearly states any attack on Canada or the United States, is tantamount to an attack on the 10 million Muslims living in North America. The 20 imams who signed the fatwa come from Texas, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

Imam Syed Soharwardy of Calgary, Alberta and founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada said an assault on the U.S. or Canada is the same thing as attacking Muslims. “We are part of this society,” he said.

“This is my home… and if anybody attacks Canada, in fact, they attack my home.

The edict states, “These attacks are evil and Islam requires Muslims to stand up against this evil.”

“Muslims in Canada and the U.S. have a duty to protect both countries. They must expose any person, Muslim or non-Muslim, who would cause harm to fellow Canadians or Americans,” declared the group of 20 imams on the council.

The council went on to say, “It is religious obligation put upon Muslims, based upon the teachings of the Quran, that we  be loyal to the country where we live.”

Imam Nasir Qadri of the Anwar Musallah Mosque in Montreal and fellow council member said he spoke to his followers at his mosque about the issue Friday. Most feel threatened by the attacks and call Canada their one and only home.

The fatwa comes after the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. jet bound for Detroit from Amsterdam by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  The 23-year-old Nigerian born man has been charged with attempting to use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder.



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  • NO MATTER WHAT, IT'S WORTH IT With its Tex-Mex menu, Taco Bell is one of the most popular fat-food chains in America. No matter what happens after you eat it..
  • TURKISH AUTISTIC ATHIESTS “Autistic children do not know believing in God because they do not have a section of faith in their brains,” claims a renowned Turkish Sociologist. Gotta love nut-jobs, like this asshole! They’re so entertaining!



Does the fact that Barack Obama is black and the son of an African Muslim contribute to the radical nature of those who oppose his policies?

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