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Peeling the Cosmic Onion: Living in the Now



Dream of Flying by George Grie

From India Correspondent Divyaa Kummar…

So many ask me to help them know what their life’s purpose is and my answer to them is this: “Your life’s purpose is whatever is happening in your life Now; whatever makes up your Now – your current desires or fears are your purpose to be! Whoever and whatever is a part of your Now, that is your purpose.

It’s such a simple reality and yet it is in our nature to seek some deeper answer; some seemingly grander purpose. And yet, the Now is our only true purpose in life. And as we fulfill the reason for whatever is in our Now, it becomes the step for the next ‘purpose’ to appear, whatever that purpose may be.

Our current fears serve as our Now’s purpose as well – and when fear is in the Now, we have in fact chosen to dis-empower ourselves and move away from our very center. Whatever is the root of that which we have chosen to move away from rises as fear. It’s for this reason we need to tackle that which makes us most afraid.  When we do so,  the fear will always subside, and we move closer to our center, to that which holds our purpose, that which holds our Now. Our desires are the whisperings of our souls urging us to move towards what we have chosen to experience or at a  deeper level, what the Whole chooses to experience through us. This is why desire will always trump fear.   

Desires work as our ‘purpose to be’ in many ways.  In the fulfillment of our desires, our experience and its completion at soul level,  we discover purpose and desire starts to fall away.  Sometimes however, things unfold in such a way that we don’t get exactly what we desired.  Regardless, it turns out desire was only the carrot for whatever we learned or experienced in trying to fulfill it.

Sometimes,  the experience, the jounrey towards who we are, and not the shift to move away from our centers,  is the true purpose of desire. Whatever temporal relationships and areas of life that make up our Now serve as our current purpose to be – our movement towards some completion; towards some learning; towards some experience that we require at soul level.  When the purpose gets accomplished, we often find those relationships or areas of life being weaned from our lives.

In the end, our purpose to be – that which we we call our life purpose – is two pronged. First, it’s what we, our souls, through life experience, have chosen to learn. Secondly, and equally as important, it’s what we have chosen to contribute as a result of our experience. Both are part of our life purpose, though many think this involves only our individual contributions – what we can do for others and the world.  But just as important is the process of learning – the enhancement of our strengths, the moving away from weakness, and by extension, the allowing of our souls to grow, and thus contribute to the grandiose Whole that surrounds us all.

So what is your purpose to be? Look into all that makes up your Now. Its right there… all you have to do is see.


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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – The Meaning of God


From India Divyaa Kummar…

gothic-angel-wallpaper-for-blackberry-curve-8900-300x225God is a word which actually means every word and everything...so it works more like a symbol containing it all – or we would need to use every word in our dictionary to describe, understand, express or refer to God…

As long as we desire to ‘meet’ or ‘become One’ with God- we are going to have a ‘God’ outside self to do that with & the Godself That I Am cannot consciously Be. Our yearning-while it plays a vital ripening role in the unraveling of Self- at the very core implies some degree of a state/sense of separation. The gnosis that there is no God ‘out there’ shifts us from this desire into knowing its more about a growing awareness …of our Godhood or the state of consciousness we call ‘God’

Surrender or homage can be to Guru God or Self… all three states are seemingly the same &yet each is a subtle shift into establishing as authentic Self. When nothing-not even our guru or god stands between Self-when there isn’t even a grain of sand in between-do we truly abide in Self. Ultimately abiding in Self is beyond devotion, gyan even love .Devotion to whom? Love implies another. And Gyan-knowledge of Self is still a hairs breadth from being Self! And yet as Self- a state of being beyond duality & thus what we call contradictions- even though there is no other we view all as aspects of Self, and thus though one is beyond devotion love and gyan…they exist in relation to Self & all its reflections.

To see everything & everyone as Self- God- is being established in Self or the state of ‘seeing God!’ To know that nothing is not Self/God- is abiding in Self or the state of ‘seeing God’. This is the much spoken about purnam darshan; this is that full blown mystical vision that the mystics speak about! Indeed it is the yearning to receive some other… mystical … ‘purnam darshan’ – God vision that keeps us from this moment to moment purnam darshan… from this moment to moment here and now state of tangibly ‘seeing’ God!

angel-inspiration-10Self/ God/Consciousness is all pervading… present in the un-enlightened as much as in the enlightened; in the densest of matter as much as in spirit; in the smallest of small as in the vastness. There is not a single thought that is not ‘God’…even what seems to be ignorant of ‘God’ …is ‘God’… there is not a single body that is not ‘God’… even what seems to be separate from ‘God’ is God …! In this God vision as we see ‘God’ in every person, thing, happening, non happening… we move automatically from personal consciousness and its self that sees god…to Universal- God Consciousness!

God’ – ‘Consciousness’ – ‘Spirit’ implies a dynamic state of being… a kinetic state of perfection…. not something finished and done with! As ‘God’ – ‘Consciousness’ – ‘Spirit’ experiences, expresses, and revels in Itself, through its ‘individuations’, It expands, deepens and enriches Itself… and then ‘that’ enriched God’ – ‘Consciousness’ – Spirit’ has more to experience, express and revel in… and thus individuates, separates, sets forth, begins a new game, dream, venture … again…and again… infinitely…always from this ‘more’ enriched experience of Itself! Infinitely (in linear language, because ofcourse all of this ‘happens’ in the now! It’s the paradox of how All That Is …ever becomes ‘more’! Each such ‘cycle’ is also called one day of Brahma.

‘God’ and ‘the world’ is one reality –and these are just two (of the many) ways of perceiving the One. But please note they are only different ways of perceiving the one… and not two different parts! Like a drop of water is wet and transparent- you can’t separate the wetness and transparency other than in labeling it towards its understanding! And thus is the world (life, people, events & things) God or Spirit! Maya- illusion does not mean that the world does not exist- as from our point of focus it does- it only means it is not the only aspect! You have not viewed the whole- that’s the illusion!

God is no separate ‘Whole’… indeed there is no separate inviolate ‘Whole’ as we sometimes think. God in not a noun but a verb- the entire process of creation and thus all that is – even as individuations or in separation- makes up this ‘Whole’! God’ is not outside, but neither is God inside you…God is everything and everywhere!

Evolution is inherent in our DNA! God is in our genes! Our goal… is our Source!

We often think in terms of Gods creating us; but in truth it is we who create our gods! Sensing our purest qualities as ‘self’, but unable to accept this vision as self, we project them onto a ‘god’ or goal outside. Our highest potentials, the gods we seek to be, are in actuality our source and immanent in our Dna; that record keeper so to say that keeps all that we are intact within us while we play the game of seeming separation and ignorance.

552190-bigthumbnailAnthropomorphism, whereby we personalize or humanize an abstract god-like quality, to understand it better is the basis of all mythology. We bring the abstract to life, by assigning them name and form and history even. The intangible aspects that make up our universe are thus made tangible and easier to understand.

Our gods are each a unique exploration of the Whole- each a finely honed focus of the Whole; taking ‘back’ or actualizing an inimitable, distinctive aspect of the Whole! And thus each ‘god’ shows a different facet…none ‘teaching’ exactly the same! And sometimes humanity gets confused as to which is the truth! But that’s the whole point of creation! Whereby each individuation explores and actualizes a unique aspect of the whole for the whole! We imbue the whole with a unique slant! And thus must we not get perplexed by what the different gods are ‘saying’, but take from each god what helps us create our own vision and realization of the whole! For if we all ‘go back’ with the same picture…what a waste of eternity!

God is a frequency, a vibration… a state of Being… and thus His/Her names (also frequencies) are ‘Gods’ most original ‘form’…and thus in chanting or being one with the name… we are one with its frequency …and thus with ‘God’.

The grass is greener on the other side … of the cosmos ! God/Consciousness wants to explore Self through the human experience and mankind wants to experience self through the God experience! God/Consciousness gets set for the pleasures of amnesia /maya /forgetfulness and those within it are all set for awakening into remembrance! God/Consciousness want to descend to earth to be All That is –tangibly; and humanity wants to ascend to be All That Is –formlessly. As seekers we sometimes get too serious and judgmental about maya! We forget that as God/Consciousness I have willfully spun maya- and like any good author or movie maker- I want the experience to be all engaging- it ‘success/fulfillment’ lays in that surely? It’s like writing a book or making a movie where I want all to forget themselves and be wholly drawn into its illusory charms for that duration rather than be able to remain detached through it all ! Yet as its creator I know that in every story I create its ending is inherent – it cannot be any other way- thus as this nears, I will automatically and spontaneously leave it behind- but as its Creator I wouldn’t want it earlier than that! Indeed inherent in the forgetting is the remembering-its seeded unto the game –and it will happen at the right time for each of us Gods as The God playing the game gets fulfilled! And when it happens… as the Gods we are awaken from our creation… we condemn it not…nor judge the others Gods still playing!

12842bfbd160237ef5952509e35e2387It’s actually all in reverse! ‘We’ desire growth, evolution, God….when God/consciousness desires us to turn the corner and start returning ‘home’! Thus first God /Consciousness seeds in us the desire to set forth and explore…indeed to forget Him/Her …and dive into the game whole heartedly no hold barred… as required for any game! And when we as individuation’s have played our roles in the cosmic play …then does God/Consciousness seed in us the desire to return …rather than set out further…then are we drawn to the path! And as God./consciousness prepares us further towards dissolving unto Him/Her…then does the seeking heighten and the yearning deepens. And yet it is only when God./consciousness is ready to wrap up the game through a you…Only when God…Consciousness desires the final merger … mating … union … does it ‘happen’…till then the mating dance …the foreplay….is what He/She desires…and we remain ‘here’ separate yet closely entwined in divine embrace
In surrender. In love which has no goals…!

God is human – is this true or false? There nothing like true or false – those are only two points along the one continuum. And the answer can change at every point…till we can embrace all without rejecting the other! So yes god is human as all of us are! But then god is not human – as it’s when we dis-identify with our ego self – do we realize our divinity. The gods of mythology have a human personality each- but then that’s a way of describing the various aspects of impersonal consciousness ( Its called Anthropomorphism, whereby we personalize or humanize an abstract god-like quality, to understand it better is the basis of all mythology. We bring the abstract to life, by assigning them name and form and history even. The intangible aspects that make up our universe are thus made tangible and easier to understand.) Our gods are each a unique exploration of the Whole- a finely honed focus of the Whole… taking ‘back’ or actualizing an inimitable, distinctive aspect of the Whole! And thus each ‘god’ shows a different facet…none ‘teaching’ exactly the same! And sometimes humanity gets confused as to which is the truth! But that’s the whole point of creation! Whereby each individuation explores and actualizes a unique aspect of the whole for the whole! We imbue the whole with a unique slant! And thus must we not get perplexed by what the different gods are ‘saying’, but take from each god what helps us create our own vision and realization of the whole! For if we all ‘go back’ with the same picture…what a waste of eternity!

A meditative imagery: view self sitting across an exquisite glowing Shiva/or letter I. View behind this Shiva/letter I- a series of them –each becoming just a little taller, wider & glowing than the one before –like a finely graded series of statuettes going infinitely higher wider & taller till the last fills up the cosmos- formless indeed-only the glow perhaps- & know these are all ‘you’! Thus as your I Am presence expands –you abide in the higher & larger Selves- you abide as awareness Itself .But you simultaneously exist as all! You are simultaneously the largest focus of All That Is & the ‘smaller’ more finely honed current focus too! As you do this, he ‘you’ who was sitting across & observing these aspects of Self-disappears! There was no effort to move from the ‘personality’ ‘ego’ self …! As you became aware of, focused on &aligned with your (range of) I am presences…you automatically moved into It! Not looking at them anymore, but now looking through their eyes – as them! And ultimately as the largest- awareness Itself- established in your I Am presence! And yet, as current self, who is not anymore the personality but an aspect of the ‘I am’ presence!

Gothic-Angel‘God the Absolute/Spirit’ and ‘God the world/matter’ is One –and these are just two (of the many) ways of perceiving the One. Thus ‘God/Spirit’ and ‘world/matter’ are just different aspects of the One. Please note they are different facets… aspects… or ways/angles of perceiving the One – and not Its different parts! Like a rose is pink and soft- and we can’t separate a rose and its pinkness and softness other than in speaking or understanding it… like a drop of water is wet and transparent- and we can’t separate the wetness and transparency other than in labeling it towards its understanding! Likewise we can’t separate God the absolute and God the world. And thus is matter (life, people, events & things) spirit… and thus is the world…God. Maya/illusion does not mean that the world does not exist- as from our point of focus it does- it only means it is not the only state of being! You have not viewed the whole-that’s the illusion!

God is no separate ‘whole’ abiding somewhere in the beyond! Indeed there is no separate inviolate ‘Whole’ or ‘Absolute’ as we sometimes think God to be. There is no whole without its facets… and thus God is not separate from the universe, worlds, you and me… indeed all that is… even our world and the seemingly separated indivuated you and me… together… are the state we call God. Thus God the Whole/Absolute is not out there somewhere … but immanent in very atom of existence

God in not a noun but a verb... the entire process of creation in all its states and forms – even what we call maya – makes up this ‘Whole’ … God!

God is not outside, but neither is God inside us …God is everything and everywhere!


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Peeling The Cosmic Onion – The Soul Mate Buffet


From India Corespondent Divyaa Kummar…

Soul Mate is a term or concept that makes most hearts thud a little faster…most expressions turn a little wistful… and most books on it disappear off the bookshelves! However a ‘soul mate’ does not only imply that ‘one’ special (preferably tall dark and handsome) stranger; nor that perfect woman who will sweep you off your feet and with whom you will live happily ever after! After all the term is not sole mate and indeed there can be many, and not merely one significant other.

Soul mates are literally what the term portrays: mates at soul level! Who, come aboard the ships of our lives for many reasons, as mates tend to do, and not merely for a romantic cruise coming true! More often than not it is they who provide us the milieu and opportunities towards our most valuable life experiences and learning and aid us in overcoming our deepest limitations. Thus soul mates can paradoxically be those very people we find the most difficult and challenging-whom we would in normal parlance even call ‘problems’. So yes, your soul mate can be your difficult mother-in-law, or that impossible relationship! It is an interaction you both choose in your higher wisdom -at soul levels – much like you would appoint a personal trainer to come and help you with those protruding abdomen muscles! You may not be glad every time your doorbell rings- but you do know he is good for you in the longer ‘stretch’! So next time you berate that difficult other- do pause- they may well be a soul mate. And look for the gift in the situation instead – does the uncaring spouse provoke you to find your self? Do the overpowering in law’s facilitate you towards your own empowerment? Does that supercilious boss give you a glimpse of what you could grow into and thereby offer you a mirror of what aspect of self to move away from?

But, do I hear you go sizzle…crackle …and a-wondering as to what is that chemistry that you feel with that one special other then? And no you are not imagining it- sure there is the tug of romantic soul mates! And this chemistry is the ‘enticement’ so to say – to ensure that we has humans, who do not operate from memory of soul plans, somehow seek the other out! For you have both chosen to come together towards each others deeper growth and processes of self-discovery and this tug makes sure you team up for this vital experience in someway or the other! That’s why the tongue in cheek phrase “The honey moon is over” comes into play: because once you get together, the stage is set, for the underlying reasons- development of each self –to be explored. Thus the more we can view the challenges in relationships in these terms, and switch from blame to responsibility, we can in exploring our potentials and fulfilling the fundamental purpose of joining forces- enhance and enrich the relationship in meaningful ways!

Of course there are soul mates that come in simple support…usually these are our ‘friends’ rather than lovers or immediate family members. This is not our peculiar sense of humor as souls, but our understanding of the human game! We know that if vital learning is to be done- it will be done through essential relationships that cannot be easily distanced- and thus make those our most fundamental learning props! Yet we keep supportive soul mates around as soul food to enliven the cruise!! We give ourselves everything we need to enable self growth- tutors, tests, and adequate break times!

At the deepest level our soul mate is Self! And this yearning that we all feel for that ‘other half’ only finds rest in finding this Self. Indeed we will never find another to complete us, but even as we integrate within, it reflects outside in loving relationships and we experience a world full of wondrous soul mates.

Introspection for today: I invite you to observe your most challenging relationships and review: What strengths did it help you get in touch with? What limitations did it propel you to move away from? With this clearly in mind, view the two of you giving each other a backstage ‘high-five’ in congratulations for a mission well done! Feel the thankfulness! This will help you, over time, to move away from anger and it’s stagnation into more positive states of interaction.


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Kampala: A Day in the Life


The lottery of birth delivers us to our destinies, long before we can even know what life has in store for us. Born on December, 15th, 1989 in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala, Kenneth Mwanja is a young man who wakes up each day and does his best with what he’s been given. An aspiring journalist and university student, he is the eldest of four children who, at nineteen, has already been charged with the responsibilities of an adult. Doing his best to care for his family, while striving for more in a society where finding more can often be difficult, Kenneth sat down with RELATIVITY OnLine to talk about life in Kampala.

What is a typical day for you?

The first things I usually do when I wake up are grumble and complain, because I hate leaving my bed. Its extra comfort makes me lazy and I’ve also always loved dream-land. I wake up at 7 am, take a shower, have breakfast and then leave for work at 8:45. I work all day and leave around 4 pm to attend lectures at university. Classes run from 5 to 9 pm and I leave campus for home around 9:30. I usually arrive before 11pm. Once I’m home, I take a cup of coffee, have supper, shower and go to bed

On weekends, I spend most of my time visiting friends and watching football and movies. I like Manchester United and Nigerian films.

What are some of the difficulties you face on a regular basis?

I find a lot of difficulties in doing my work as both an aspiring writer and a student, because of a lack of essential goods such as a digital camera, access to the Internet and personal computers, along with other educational material.

Paying my tuition fees at university is also a constant battle. The cost is expensive ($388 per semester). We’re going to begin our end of 2nd semester examinations, but I’ve so far paid only a quarter of the tuition fees. The school policy is that I cannot take my examinations without completing all the university dues. I’m not sure what I will do. I know I can only keep trying the get things paid

I also struggle to take care of my family as best I can. I pay the house rent ($56 per month) as well as help with food and bills. Our mother divorced and left our dad with three children; my sister is twelve and I also have two teenage brothers. Our dad’s income is not enough and on top of that, he is too old…old people are the ones that should be taken care of and I do my best.

What kind of problems does the average citizen of Kampala face?

First and foremost, they face the problem of pests and sickness. Kampala citizens are very much prone to various diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, typhoid, and AIDS. To make matters worse, the government, most especially the health ministers, have mismanaged the funds meant for the control of the above diseases.

People in Kampala are also facing a lack of accommodation. Many, young and old, spend their nights on the streets of Kampala. Poverty levels are extremely high and rising. High prices and scarcity of essential goods is also hurting people. Items as simple as sugar, salt and soap are sometimes hard to come by.

Lastly, citizens of Kampala face the problem of minimal amount of land to build on. To worsen matters, people in Kampala are commonly evicted from their land by government and army officials, when the land is wanted by those in power.

What is the state of education?

Up to around 1990, education at university level was free to all. Nowadays, due to the extortion-like influence of international bodies such as the IMF, the EU and the World Bank that push the Ugandan government to foster cost-sharing, university education is provided at a charge that is very expensive to most Ugandans. This has, to a lesser extent, increased illiteracy, unemployment and homelessness. One can study from primary through secondary and then fail to progress to university, due to lack of fees.

Has the lack of education and essential goods affected hope and faith?

I’m not sure how connected it is, but false pastors have emerged as a late. In 2008, a Ghanaian born pastor used an electronic gadget to make followers tremble and fall on the ground. He did this to show he had special power. Afterwards he said that he had bought the gadget as a birth day present for his daughter. A year later, he was arrested for using the same gadget, this time in South Africa.

It has become a habit of some pastors to struggle for recognition from their followers, by any means necessary. For instance, one pastor paid a lady some money, bought for her a wheel chair, and told her to pretend she was lame. She did so and the pastor told her to come to his church for prayers. She came and then worked a miracle making her walk again. However, after two weeks, the lady confessed that she had been bribed to fake her lameness!

Pastors are also engaging in immoral acts such as child sacrifice, theft and raping young girls. Not all pastors are bad of course; it’s just that these acts have become a growing trend.

What is the biggest misconception about your country?

The outside world thinks that Ugandans and Africans in general are thieves. We are not.

Do you ever think of leaving Uganda?

Some young Ugandans always think of how they can go abroad for greener pastures, others think of how we can make our country a better place to live in, whereas a few even think of how they can do away with the current government. Government officials play a large role in escalating poverty, and the alarming rates of illiteracy and unemployment, yet they earn huge sums of money. Even worse, they embezzle tax payers’ money, which is meant for addressing the problems I’ve mentioned.

I want to stay. It’s my duty to help make Uganda a better place…

Kenneth Mwanja


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Top Ten Countries With the Lowest Life Expectancy


halloween_demons_219The lottery of birth can be unforigiving at times. None of us get to choose where in the world we come into being, but for those born on the list of countries below, life is hard from the moment they arrive. Simply and harshly put, death comes to these poor souls very early. People in these countries live, on average, nearly 50 years less than those living in countries with the highest life expectancy. Huge problems like HIV infections, high infant mortality rates, and societal violence impact young people and drive the life expectancy downward. The results are the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future. Each entry includes total population, as well as both the male and female components.

  • 1. Botswana  – 32.3
  • 2. M0zamique – 33.7
  • 3. Swaziland – 34.2
  • 4. ZImbabwe – 35.3
  • 5. Malawi – 35.6
  • 6. Namibia –  36.1
  • 7. Zambia – 37.4
  • 8. Rwanda – 38
  • 9. Central African Republic (the Congo) – 43.1
  • 10. Ethiopia – 43.3

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