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A White Boy’s Rant on Racism



Racism is both a tragic and fascinating human phenomena that, despite the improved liberal tolerances of our new global village, continues to thrive in societies the world over. As RELATIVTY has discussed at length before, East and West, Third or First world, racism is always there; sometimes beneath the surface and sometimes in our faces.

For some, a critical and forthright discussion of race is much more acceptable when it comes from an often maligned and marginalized slice of a society’s minority. But what if you are a member of the majority? What if you a member of a racial group whose history includes ugly acts of racism and prejudice?  Are there boundaries to respect? Are there certain issues too sensitive to approach? 

RELATIVTY Online staff came across the above video of a young American asking these very questions and more. With its history entrenched in slavery, The United States has always been a hotbed of racial tension, ready to burst into flame at any given moment. Watch a rather frank discussion of one man’s perspevtive of such an atmosphere and see if you agree.  


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