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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – It’s All About The Karma


From India Correspondent Divyaa Kummar…


Karma is not about justice, it is about learning; Karma is not handed out, it is your choice; Karma is not with another, but with self! Karma is not about right balancing wrong but about effecting a change in thought patterns

Do not get bogged down with good and bad karma! 
Good karma is where our beliefs are in tandem with our highest potentials, thereby attracting ‘positive effects’ due to the law of attraction! 
There is no one paying us back or a higher authority rewarding us!! 
Similarly Negative karma is not retribution or punishment, but those limiting beliefs that you are yet to align with their higher potential, attracting likewise effects – that you will thus work towards moving away from! 
There is no judgment implied in cause and effect. It is pure physics and the laws of energy!


Many of you consider karma a burden… something that you need to finish or ‘get over’ in order ‘to progress’!
But my dears, we would like to make you understand that karma is the progress!
It may help you if you replace the word karma, and all its pre-conceived notions, with the words learning, knowing, and growing.
How can you ‘finish’ learning knowing growing! It is your reason to Be!

There is no cause for alarm, as karma is a gift! A divine opportunity!
Your Karma is your unique ways, your opportunities of experiencing the whole.
In human terms, this is done by experiencing, expanding and disempowering your feelings and thoughts to align with your highest potential!
That is all your karma is: expanding and aligning your feelings and thoughts, your beliefs, with all that you are! A Lifting of the veils!!

Understand what is cause and effect: The cause is the belief behind your action! The effect is therefore of the belief behind the action!
So there is cause and effect, but the cause and effect of your beliefs.
You have spent life times thinking the cause and effect is of your deeds and completely missed the interlinking Beliefs, which is the missing link, and what you are now ready to focus on!
Expanding your consciousness is balancing of karma;
Expanding your consciousness back to universal consciousness is finishing karma!
When personal consciousness dissolves into its universal impersonal state there is no separate self left to track his separate chain of cause and effect;
In this you enter the causeless ness of the cosmic play

Liberation is the is this awakening from the delusion of personal karma! When there is no ‘you’ there is no karma! When there is no you, there is no peg for that of karma to hang on!


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Peeling The Cosmic Onion – The Cosmic Kiss


182From India Corespondent Divyaa Kummar…

Conjure, if you will, the cosmic out-breath as ‘our’ in-breath, and ‘our’ out-breath as the cosmic in-breath… THE COSMIC KISS…! Come beloveds, take a deep breath in… and a deep breath out… breathe in, breathe out… breathe in, breathe out… and become aware that actually it is not ‘you/me’ that is breathing … but breathing is happening through a ‘you/me’. And as we rest unto this awareness – we move into the impersonality of what humanity considers its most personal private act – breathing! We move from personal breath – to the cosmic in-breath and out-breath! We move from personal – to universal consciousness! We become Cosmos/God/Consciousness breathing through a ‘you/me’! We move into true surrender- what deeper surrender can there be than that our very breath is what Cosmos/God/Consciousness chooses to breathe into and out of –  a seeming ‘you /me’!

What DEEPER SURRENDER than the awareness that whatever Cosmos chooses to experience and explore – is what the Cosmos activates with our every in breath-  our Now- current blue prints- current events and actions… thoughts… feelings – everything is activated by the in-breath that the cosmos breathes into us! And whatever the cosmos chooses to dissolve – is what it draws out as our out-breath- to release …and the cosmos to dissolve. Indeed it’s got nothing to do with ‘you/me’… events deeds thoughts feeling are happening dissolving as per the cosmos..!

Breathe in breath out- in this we not only abide in deepest surrender – but also effortlessly abide BEYOND THE EGO-NOTION – as universal Self !  Becoming one with the cosmos… the cosmos breathing in whatever the cosmos chooses to activate…experience…think…feel;  and breathing out whatever the cosmos chooses to dissolve… release… where are ‘you/me’ in this? Effortlessly there is no ‘you/me’….! Come beloveds  – breathe in and breath out as the Cosmos – instead of trying to fight, overcome or move from the ego notion (which only establishes it firmer)  … by abiding in the cosmic kiss…moment to moment breath awareness as the Cosmos… automatically there is no ‘me’- ego notion…to fight or overcome or move from!

79THE FULL FLOW OF THE MEDITATION (AS IT FLOWED THROUGH A ‘ME’) – TO RECEIVE ITS ENERGETIC FREQUENCY BEYOND THE SPOKEN WORD (On reading it may sound repetitive- but yet during the mediation it is energetically being encoded into each one)

Come beloveds to that place where you gather with us week after week…no physical space but the higher and finer frequencies…feel a sense of vast openness…vast vistas all around you and relax…and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out…breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out …and become aware that actually it is not you who is breathing in and out… it is more like you are being breathed in…and breathed out…the breathing is happening through a you… …it is effortless  …a spontaneous breathing in and breathing out happening through you… become aware of this. Observe the breathing in and out…in and out…at some point you become aware that you are not breathing in and breathing out…it  is happening through a you.

In analogy…see a fish tank…it is huge…lovely coral in it… breathing and breathing out…but it is the pump machine in that tank which is doing the breathing…not the coral itself…in the same way become aware as you breathe in and out…in and out……it happens without you making any effort. In this become aware of EVERYONE around you…how they are breathing in and out involuntarily…spontaneously…effortlessly… become aware of HUMANITY breathing in and out and in and out and in and out  …no one is actually doing the breathing…they are being breathed through…! Become aware of all the ANIMALS…the birds…the fish…each one is breathing in and out…but none of them are actually breathing…it is happening involuntarily to every aspect within existence…THE PLANTS…THE BIRDS…THE BEES… is being breathed in and out. Do not take our word for this… see how the in breath and out breath is spontaneous…involuntary through a ‘you’… humanity… animals…  birds… bees…and plants…and flowers…and every blade of grass…and become aware that actually it’s the COSMOS breathing in and out…in and out… in and out…


ONCE AGAIN IN ANALOGY… your hand doesn’t breathe… your foot doesn’t breathe… your nose doesn’t breathe…and yet as ‘you’ breath all these body parts receive their breath… in the same way you do not breathe… but as the cosmos breathes… all within the cosmos become part of the cosmos in breath and out breath… and in breath and out breath.

ONCE AGAIN IN ANALOGY… when you breathe you think that the breath you take goes uniformly to every part of your body… but that is not true beloveds… from your in breath whatever each part of your body requires, is what that part of the body receives, and once again in the same way as the cosmos breathes in and out… you are like its body parts…and thus as the cosmos breathes , ‘you’ as a part of the cosmic body are getting exactly that which is required for ‘you’ to exist and function.Come beloveds  breathe in and out… and in and out… allow the cosmos to breathe through the you… in this awareness become part of the in breath and out breath of the universe…

AND BECOME AWARE WHATEVER THE COSMOS… GOD… CONSCIOUSNESS (CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL) CHOOSES TO EXPERIENCE AND EXPLORE IS WHAT IS ACTIVATED IN ‘YOU’ WITH YOU’RE IN BREATH…! WHATEVER THE COSMOS CHOOSES TO RELEASE… LET GO… DISSOLVE… IS WHAT IT DRAWS OUT AS YOUR OUT BREATH! The cosmos activates with your every in breath… your Now…current blue print… current events and actions thoughts… feelings… everything is activated by the cosmos itself … it activates in each one that which the cosmos chooses to experience.

BECOME AWARE OF THIS… with your in breath is the cosmos breathing into you… bringing to life… activating that blue print required in every now… activating those experiences and events you are going through… giving life to whatever are the thoughts… giving life to your feelings… whatever the cosmos chooses to experience… explore… and know is what the cosmos breathes into you… whatever the cosmos chooses to release… let go… dissolve is what the cosmos breathes out of you… so breathe in and breathe out… breathe in and breathe out… breathe in and breathe out…but  become aware that you are not breathing in and breathing out… the cosmos is breathing in and out through a you… just the way your body parts don’t breathe when you breathe… sit in this for a few moments… become fully aware of the involuntary… spontaneous in breath and out breath… you have to do nothing… the cosmos is breathing through you… and in this even as you breathe in and out… and in and out… you become increasingly one with the cosmos in breath and the cosmos out breath… in breath… out breath… in breath out breath… i


AND IN THIS BECOME AWARE OF THE IMPERSONALITY OF THE MOST PRIVATE AND PERSONAL ACT KNOWN TO MAN…HIS BREATH…WHAT YOU HAVE CLAIMED AS YOUR BREATH… YOUR IN BREATH… YOUR OUT BREATH… YOUR MOST MOMENT TO MOMENT PRIVATE ACT IS NOT YOURS… come  become aware of the impersonal in this most seemingly personal and private act of man… his very breath is not his… it’s the universe who breathes in and breathes out… breathes in and breathes out… breathes in and breathes out…so breathe in and out…and in and out… become aware of humanity breathing in and out… become aware of the animal kingdom… the plant kingdom… the bird kingdom breathing in and out… and become aware that its actually the cosmos breathing in and out…! 

311BY THIS VERY SIMPLE AWARENESS… YOU BECOME ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE… ONE WITH THE COSMIC IN BREATH… THE COSMIC OUT BREATH …AND YOU MOVE INTO TRUE SURRENDER …you surrender even your breath… you become aware that whatever the universe chooses to experience is what you are going to breathe in… whatever the universe chooses to release is what you are going to breathe out… what deeper surrender can there be…when you know that it is the universe that breathes in whatever you are experiencing or thinking or feeling in the now… it’s the universe who is releasing…dissolving whatever you breathe out in the now… what deeper surrender beloveds than surrendering your very breath.So breathe in… breath out… breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out… become aware it’s not you who is breathing in… breathing out…you are being breathed in and breathed out… the universe breathes in and out… the universe breathes in and out… the universe breathes in whatever the universe chooses to activate of your blueprint… the universe breathes in whatever you choose to experience… every thought… every feeling… everything that’s ever  happening to you… is what the universe chooses through it’s in breath through you… sit in this for a few moments…in the impersonality of the most personal and private act known to mankind… in the complete surrender even of your breath… in knowing that whatever is happening… whatever you experience… whatever are your thoughts… your feelings…your actions the universe is activating in you through your in breath. Whatever is being released is whatever the universe is releasing through your out breath…

IN THIS YOU ARE NOT ONLY ESTABLISHED IN THE DEEPEST SURRENDER… BUT YOU MOVE AUTOMATICALLY BEYOND THE EGO NOTION INTO THE UNIVERSAL SELF… you become one with the cosmos… the cosmos breathes into you…the cosmos breathes out of you… whatever the cosmos chooses to activate…experience…think…feel… whatever the cosmos chooses to dissolve… release… where are you in this? There is no you.

THEREFORE IN OUR GATHERINGS WITH YOU… INSTEAD OF TEACHING YOU TO FIGHT THE EGO… TO OVERCOME THE EGO…WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU THE EGO… ARE FIGHTING EGO… WE SIMPLY ATTACH YOU… YOUR ENERGY FIELDS… YOUR AWARENESS TO THE HIGHER YOU… in that automatically the ego notion dissolves… experience that now… beloveds… as your breathe in and out and in and out and in and out… there is no you… it is the cosmos breathing in and out… whatever you may be thinking in the now is what the cosmos is choosing to think… it is the cosmos’s thoughts not yours… whatever you are feeling in the now is what the cosmos chooses to feel… it’s not your feeling… whatever experiences… events are happening in your life in the now is what the cosmos activates  to experience… it’s got nothing to do with the you… surrender even your breath… impersonal consciousness rather than personal…and as you become one with the universe or the cosmos… where is the you ?there is no you.Breathe in… breathe out… but now in the awareness the cosmos is breathing in… the cosmos is breathing out… every in breathe activates in you what the cosmos chooses to experience of itself…any out breath releases from you whatever the cosmos is choosing to release…being done with… surrender… impersonal consciousness… and most importantly you have become one with the cosmos… becoming one with the cosmos automatically there is no you.

NOW WE WILL TAKE YOU A LITTLE DEEPER… AS LONG AS YOU ARE THE EGO… INDIVIDUATED NOTION… YOU ARE BEING BREATHED IN AND YOU ARE BREATHED OUT… BECAUSE THE COSMOS ACTUALLY BREATHES OUT ALL THAT IT CHOOSES TO EXPERIENCE AND EXPLORE…AND THE COSMOS ACTUALLY BREATHES IN WHAT IT CHOOSES TO DISSOLVE… but because yet you are an individuated ego notion… when the cosmos breaths out… it becomes your in breath… and when you breathe out it becomes the cosmic in breath… so visualize this… beloveds…the cosmos breathes out whatever it chooses to experience/ explore…you breathe that in… breathed into you… it activates your current blue print… minute to minute… many of you wonder how your blue prints are activated… this is how it is… it activates your events…your feelings… your thoughts… and what you breathe out… the cosmos breathes in to dissolve forever… and if you are doing this well… you will become aware that THIS IS A COSMIC KISS… the cosmos breathes out what you breathe in…cosmic kisses into you… it activates through that kiss your current blue prints… your feelings… your thoughts… and as you breathe out into the mouth of the cosmos… it takes away all that is not required…that is redundant… that is done with…that doesn’t serve you in the now…so for a few moments… beloveds be locked in this cosmic kiss … and just like a kiss activates many… many triggers within you… this cosmic kiss… your in breath activates your current blue print… your current events…your current thoughts…your feelings… moment to moment…breath is… MOMENT TO MOMENT TO MOMENT IS THIS HAPPENING… and you breathe out and the cosmos breathes it in… and takes away all that you don’t require… see this imagery whichever way it’s shown to you… it is a very important aspect of  today’s meditation… you are locked in this cosmic kiss… moment to moment.

THEREFORE NOW SEE THE COSMOS BREATHE OUT… AND SEE YOURSELF BREATHE IN WHATEVER IS GOOD FOR YOUR NEW PHYSICAL BODY… AND BREATHE OUT INTO THE COSMIC MOUTH WHATEVER YOUR NEW BODY/ PHYSICAL BODY DOESN’T NEED… and now once again the cosmic kiss breathes out  and you breathe in whatever is required for your new EMOTIONAL BODY… and you breathe out…you breathe out into the cosmic mouth whatever this emotional body doesn’t require… and the cosmic takes it all in… dissolves it…and once again the cosmos breathes out in you…breathe in whatever is required for your new MENTAL BODY… and you breathe out into the cosmic mouth whatever your new mental body doesn’t require.

YOU MAY EVEN VISUALIZE YOURSELF BREATHING IN WHATEVER IT IS YOU CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE OR ACTIVATE IN THE NOW… BECAUSE YOUR VERY DESIRE /NEEDS IS WHAT THE UNIVERSE CHOOSES TO ACTIVATE WITHIN YOU… YOU MAY SEE YOURSELF BREATHING OUT WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU CHOOSE TO RELEASE… because your very desire to release means the universe chooses to release that through you… your desires are not yours… beloveds… they are mine…the cosmos… i breathe in to you what i choose to experience… i breathe out from you whatever is done… there is no you… your thoughts are not yours… your feelings are not yours.

Breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out…  see humanity breathing in… and out…see the animal kingdom… the bird kingdom… the fish… the insects… and the flowers… and the grass… even the stones…the  grain of sand… BECOME ONE WITH THE COSMOS IN BREATH… AND OUT BREATH… MOVE INTO IMPERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE MOST PERSONAL ACT KNOWN TO MANKIND… MOVE INTO SURRENDER THROUGH YOUR  VERY MOMENT TO MOMENT BREATH… MOVE BEYOND THE EGO NOTION BY BECOMING THE COSMOS WHO IS BREATHING IN AND OUT… WHERE IS THE YOU ? where is the you beloveds ? it’s the cosmos breathing in…its cosmos breathing out… the cosmos activating… the cosmos releasing.

AND AS YOU CONTINUE TO DO THIS… BECOME AWARE THAT AS AWARENESS – YOU CANNOT BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE AWARE OF-  SO WE ARE TAKING  YOU EVEN DEEPER… you are aware of the cosmos breathing in and out… you cannot be the cosmos… so we took you from your personal consciousness into the universal consciousness… and now we take you even beyond into still awareness…!! If I am aware I cannot be that which I am aware of…beloveds… so if I am aware of the cosmic in breath and out breath… if I am aware of the cosmos breathing in and out… I am not the cosmos… I am not the in breath and the out breath… I am not those blue prints and those actions and feelings… I am awareness… I am still awareness… what you call the gap between your breath. This is a very powerful potent understanding being imbedded into your very subconscious today… the work we have done with your bodies enables you to receive this highest of gyaan… don’t intellectualize it… don’t seek to understand it as yet… breath in… breathe out… you cannot help but breathe in and breathe out…at some point become aware that it is not you who is breathing in… it is the cosmos… in that you make the first shift…from you… personal consciousness- ego self …into universal consciousness/ impersonal Self- and in this you abide knowing that you are the cosmos… the cosmos breathes in the now whatever  the cosmos chooses to experience and explore… and remove.

AND THEN THE SECOND SHIFT…AS YOU ABIDE HERE… CONTINUE TO BREATHE IN AND OUT AS THE COSMOS… AND AT SOME POINT YOU BECOME AWARE… THAT IF I AM AWARE I CANNOT BE WHAT I AM AWARE OF… SO I AM NOT THE COSMOS…I AM NOT THIS IN BREATH AND OUT BREATH… I AM NOT THIS GAME OF MAYA… I AM NOT THE DUALITY EXPERIENCED… I AM NOT THE CREATOR WHO HAS CREATED THE EXISTENCE AND THE DRAMA… i am not the breathing self …i am not breath… i am beyond breath even while i am breathing… i am beyond duality even within it… i am beyond the physical even while retaining a physical body… i am awareness… which in your simple parlance is the gap between the breaths.

In this awareness that I am stillness… do those steps again… see yourself breathe in and out… in and out… become aware that you don’t breathe in and out… it is the cosmos which breathes in and out… so become the cosmos… in that become aware that if I am aware of the cosmos… I am not even the cosmos… I am simply awareness… in tHIS YOU MOVE FROM PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS TO IMPERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS TO BEYOND CONSCIOUSNESS…. YOU MOVE FROM EGO SELF TO UNIVERSAL SELF TO BEYOND THE I’S…BOTH THE ‘I’/ ‘I’… YOU MOVE FROM BEING THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE- TO THE COSMOS BEING THE CREATOR – TO BEYOND THE GAME OF CREATION… AND ITS ALL SIMPLY THROUGH YOUR BREATH….

BECOME AWARE AGAIN THAT IT IS NOT YOU WHO IS BREATHING… YOUR LEG DOESN’T BREATHE… YOUR FINGER DOESN’T BREATH… but when you breathe the finger/ the leg/ the ear all get the breath…in the same way you don’t breathe… it is the cosmos breathes… you are being breathed. Indeed  ‘you’ decide what your hand has to pull… where your leg has to take you… your leg and hand doesn’t decide… in the same way you don’t decide…it is the cosmos which decides  where to go and what to do… and that only happens through a you-  surrender of the deepest order …

BREATHE IN… BREATHE OUT… BREATHE IN… … MANY TRADITIONS ASK YOU TO FOCUS ON YOUR PHYSICAL BREATH… THEY ASK YOU TO BECOME AWARE OF THE GAP BETWEEN THE BREATH… BUT WE HAVE WORKED IN REVERSE… WE HAVE ALREADY TAKEN YOU TO THE GAP BETWEEN THE BREATHS!  Breathe in… breathe out… allow yourself to be breathed in… allow yourself to be breathed out… allow the cosmic kiss to happen …know whatever the cosmos chooses to experience is what it breathes it into you… whatever the cosmos chooses to release is what it sucks out as your out breath… and then become aware that what you are aware of you cannot be… you are the pure stillness… beyond the cosmos… and its plane of duality.

When you breathe in… your stomach must come out… when you breathe out… it must go in… then you are truly in sync with the cosmic breath… now even as you breathe become aware of  all that we have imbedded in you today… feel the cosmos going through you… feel the cosmos activate whatever it chooses… see the cosmos kiss away whatever it wants to draw  out from ‘you’  and release. And simultaneously become aware… you are awareness and not what you are aware of …be in this awareness for the remainder of your week as you breathe in and breathe out… not ONLY in meditation but through the day as you breathe in and breathe out… allow what we have embedded in you today to be  somewhere consciously playing out in your  mind…  a triple fold work has been done today… the move from personal consciousness to impersonal…  and then to move into still awareness… all through the simple act of your in breath and your out breath.

Greetings from breath itself.

You may open your eyes whenever you are ready

And so it is… And so it is… And so it is.


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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – The Mirror Effect


From India Corespondent Divyaa Kummar…

What does the grandiose sounding concept of self-empowerment really mean? Like all universal truths, it can be understood at many levels, and peeled endlessly like a cosmic onion! To start with, self-empowerment is usually linked with a claiming of your Creatorhood- a state of being wherein you realize that you shape your reality, moment-to-moment, through your recurring thoughts and feelings. At deeper levels we understand that this power of manifestation is only it’s by-product, much like producing alcohol while manufacturing sugar!

True self-empowerment thus lays deeper, in the acknowledgment that your life plans, what you perhaps call karma or destiny, are willfully chosen by you for your highest good and growth. Towards certain experiences or learning, towards expansion of self and disempowerment of the limiting aspects within that self. No matter how challenging these may appear, it is indeed by your true free will that you choose your so-called destiny! However at its deepest level, complete self-empowerment means complete self-responsibility! Where you comprehend that everything outside of you, which you view as your life or world is but a reflection of the inner you; there is nothing in your exterior without it being in your interior; you are the cause and the outer is only its effect!

Thus true self-empowerment leads to the profound understanding that there is no other! There is no one other than you! And yes, most certainly this eureka has many ramifications in your day-to-day life! At first you go through a certain sense of consternation because there is no one to blame- no person, event or thing, nor fate, nor God that you can hold responsible for your life events, because everything comes back full circle to you. But it soon dawns on you that if you are wholly responsible for creating your life then you are completely empowered to enhance it too. You are not hostage to situations, people, and things outside your self; the point of power is within you and in the now! Blame, judgment, non-forgiveness, fluctuations between feeling the aggressor or victim all start to recede rapidly as you begin to view self as the source of everything outside you. You even understand what Christ meant when he said ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ because with true self-empowerment there is no need for the false power of controlling the ‘outside’!

Which brings us to another layer of that cosmic onion and the realization that Self Empowerment is claiming you creator hood yes, but at tripartite levels- your personal realties (relationships, careers) the environment (country, political, educational systems) and your world! Thus to change, enhance or even understand any thing in your life, be it difficult mother in laws, betraying society, unclean politics or world terrorism, it is within you that you must look! Mahatma Gandhi’s words: “Be the change you want to see in the world” come alive in this context and are to be taken literally!

It is the single most effective way to change the world! A line of reasoning that works best in any such self endeavor is what we have coined as “Why why why till you reach the I”, which makes you look within as the source or cause of the effect outside! This also becomes a 24/7 meditation, because you are constantly brought back within, to self, and to the creator that you are!

The concept of Mirrors is a beautiful visual analogy towards the above understanding, and asks you to view your life and world as your reflection in the mirror! If you are joyous and loving it will reflect back; if you are filled with doubt and anger it is what you will meet in the mirror! And just like you cannot manipulate the relfection in the mirror, you cannot change your world from the outside. This helps you reinforce that all patterns and recurring situations need to be addressed within; otherwise the future is only a mishmash of the past, which you present to self in different ways so that you may handle the cause within.

At this point you may well be wondering how exactly do you manifest the people, events, things (or lack thereof) in your day-to-day life? You may even wonder where is this creator within you? And the answer of course is that the creator within you is in your belief system, because it is through your recurring thoughts and feelings and focus that you manifest physical life! You live in what is called a vibrational universe and everything you see (stone, plant, animal, human) and don’t see (space, thoughts, feelings) is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Thus visualize that the field of pure energy surrounding you is your raw material with your beliefs impinging on it moment to moment; and as critical mass is reached these beliefs become the physical tangibles you call your life or world! Energy is completely neutral and does not judge between positive or negative attention, and thus you create your limiting (doubts and lack) and positive beliefs.

With this understanding you can wholly claim your creator hood, and choose to think in ways that you wish to see outside you! Expand your beliefs and you will enhance your day-to-day life! How? Start by Knowing Thyself, what energy signatures do you emit moment-to-moment? Have you taken responsibility for your life and world? If you still blame the outside it is what you will further create. Know that you create moment-to-moment through your feelings, at tripartite levels, and thus there is no one other than you! Your life and world is your mirror.

You can find Divyaa on her blog and Facebook

*originally published in The Times of India


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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – The Medium of Meditation


From India Corespondent Divyaa Kumaar…

Guided meditation works in many ways. I have spoken about it before, so a small reiteration… that through a guided meditation we are actually able to experience or become more experientially aware about intellectual truths and mental concepts. It works very much like seeing a movie. A lot of people who saw the movies The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know were suddenly wowed in the understanding of what they may have been hearing or reading about for many years.  When we see concepts like these visually as in a movie  they somehow click, and we understand them at a much deeper level.

This is really what a guided meditation helps us to do, because we see it like a movie within us, and even more important we are taking part in the movie. the result is, at very deep subconscious levels our participation drives home our understanding more than intellectual truth. Also, once we close our eyes, our focus turns inwards. There is no outer activity for the mind to focus on and this helps us come into a alpha state of consciousness which and aids experience, rather than intellectual understanding.

What I’ve been doing with friends and students is holding groups, where I take them through guided medications on intellectual concepts. What we are really doing is using words to go beyond words, because words are only finite means of expression – and the finite cannot touch the infinite. So through guided medications we do use words, but only to touch the essence beyond words and each gets their own inner Eureka’s somewhere down the line as a result.

All of us have a lot of information, a lot of knowledge, a lot of gyan, but through guided meditation these universal truths resonate with our energy fields. Our truths must resonate, both internally and externally, and, in the end, that is really what wisdom means. Wisdom is not intellectual understanding; it’s when our energy fields are resonating with what we are hearing, each and every day.

Guided medications are also a beautiful way of raising our energies or maintaining already heightened energies. And this is simply because energy follows thought. What we are doing during meditation is developing a very clear, honed, and willful focus on our deeper aspects, our higher aspects – on our divinity.

Our very focus and awareness of these deeper aspects brings to life the the individual and unique Self within each of us. Awareness and focus are in and of themselves life forces, and we experience that which we know through words. If our energy fields are ‘raised’, we in fact follow the standard laws of energy. If we are vibrating at a higher and finer tune of frequency,  we are attracting the same, and more importantly, our energy fields and stronger to resist anything to the opposite. They resist the lower fields such as anger, judgment, or sorrow and does so automatically. They are in a state of resistance to anything but the joy of self!

Think of a camel that can traverse the desert more easily due to his store of water within him. Through regular meditation, we are actually creating and storing this strong and vital field of energy within us so we can traverse our days without it dissipating via the ups and downs of daily life. And why? Because we have a tank full of joy and blissful Self!

It is important to note that we don’t need to complete `meditation’ as a formal process. I can just connect instantly to my higher self, my deeper self, my Godself – whatever words you want to choose – but this is as quickly dissipated through the very next problem or stress that arises. Through mediation (guided or otherwise) we have to be in the right frame of mind, the right ‘space’ of our higher divine self for a longer period of time so our finer vibrations are actually filtering through our spiritual bodies our mental bodies, emotional bodies, physical bodies, cells, molecules… through all that ‘time’… They are actually going deeply into spiritual sub-conscious and activating the unconscious mind in the process. When the unconscious becomes conscious, we experience what is called supra-consciousness. This is why meditation makes us feel in as though we are in a heightened state of being. Raised energies are akin to moving from beta to alpha, theta, delta and even gamma states of being.

It will be different for each one of us, but through regular practice we all can touch our higher frequencies and train our bodies so to more easily access them, with less and less effort. Much like working out to first develop our muscles, we then continue to maintain them.  So, work out your mind today!


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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – the Beauty of Detachment


20060821000635-corazon-rotoFrom India Correspondent Divyaa Kummar…

Detachment is not indifference, distancing, or remaining disconnected from people and events. Quite the opposite, it’s embracing all that surrounds us, without the labels of right or wrong; without the judgment of good or bad; without descriptions of happy or painful. And in this embracing… acceptance … witnessing… detachment happens!

Detachment ‘happens’ when we embrace acceptance and not in the denunciation or rejection of this that or the other!

Detachment is not in shunning, suppressing, or fighting desires. It in fact arises from the fulfillment or completion of our desires. Our ‘desires’ are the soul’s purpose and as you fulfill desires, or complete the deeper learning behind each desire, various soul purposes are being fulfilled. As this happens, as a soul’s plans are completed, desires which were only the propellers are transcended, and detachment happens. After all, our desires are only vehicles for the universal cosmic play to dance upon.

Detachment comes of its own accord, almost effortlessly and in the end, isn’t really detachment at all!  And indeed it cannot be wholly present when our roles in the cosmic game are still required, for then how, or why, or what would propel you? Our desires are in reality divine desires, the cosmic play being carried out through a ‘you’ – a version of your Self. And all that you may have learnt or read about detachment …or strived towards … culminates… and happens!

When there is no ‘you, ’when your personal consciousness merges with universal Self/consciousness, there is no personal attachment or detachment. All is part of the cosmic play.

 And this play, this gurgle, this all embracing “Ah so it is!” moves you away from ‘concepts’ of attachment-detachment.


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Peeling the Cosmic Onion – Tilting the Balance


energyEverything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”  –  Albert Einstein

Are you aware that we live in a vibrational universe? That everything we see (and don’t) is energy vibrating at different frequencies?  Whether it’s an immovable rock, a pet cat, our best friend or our designer purse – it’s all energy. Plus, all the fresh air we go out into the hills to find – this is all is energy!  And if we could don those glasses that quantum physics views the world through, we would see everything as the atoms and molecules they are! Not a difference amongst them!

Wait… there is one tiny difference. All that we see – the physical characteristics of people, events and things in our lives – is energy shaped and molded by our thoughts and feelings and they become our beliefs.  And that seemingly empty space stretching out in between is the same energy, but as yet not imprinted by you. And thus raw material is everywhere awaiting our instructions through our thinking!

Come, conjure this vast field of energy around you, your moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings pinging against it,  and view how – as they hit critical mass –  your raw material is shaped into the material manifestations of exactly what they have fashioned. This makes us the boss, with all the energy that surrounds us at our command! And like any good boss, if we understand our resources, we may indeed turn out a better final product – our lives!

Energy functions according to certain universal laws and a master key is the principle – like attracts like.

Conjure yourself like a dish antenna, drawing your way whatever channel you have tuned your thoughts to. So if you are feeling joyful and loving, that’s what will play out on the outer screen of life. If you are constantly tuned into the channels of anger and hate, that’s what what you will indeed invite!

Energy (unlike our court rooms) is impartial and immediate. Goals, desires, aspirations and fears are thus matched with equal aplomb. If we wish to change the movie of our lives, switch the channel, focus on positive feel-good factors, and tip the balance of your day-to-day thinking. That’s all we need to do to start with – tip the balance from a lacking consciousness and its negative attention (I don’t have this, that doesn’t work, he is so mean, life is so unfair) to abundant consciousness and its positive attention. And as the gladdening tangible results play out into our lives, we will create more and more to feel positive about.

One quick way to keep our scales tipped in the right direction is to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thankfulness has great drawing power due to its heartfelt energy signature – indeed enough to send a spacecraft to the moon! Close your eyes for a moment and think about someone or something you love, and feel your energy fields surge. Next, think about something or someone you are thankful to have in your life – and view the more expansive surge!

If we make a habit of placing our focus on all that we feel good about – what works rather than what doesn’t, what you have instead of what you don’t – we can use all this free power without the exorbitant costs of our electricity bills! Consistently appreciate the smaller and larger gifts of life – the beauty a flower brings into our day, the sanctuary our home gives us, our health, the care of those around us and more.

In situations that bring about a depleting, “Oh my! What a large petrol bill,” zero in on something constructive instead. Perhaps the joy of mobility at your disposal? In place of bemoaning an uncooperative boss, observe thankfully where the positive does exist in your life. Perhaps in cooperative friends? Tilt the balance within you and view an enhanced outer life. Set into motion a chain of moments to be increasingly thankful about. Try it – it’s a lot easier than you think.

Introspective exercise for today: Write a list of all there is to appreciate in your life. Feel thankfulness fill you up as you write or read it – do not make it a purely mental exercise! Tap into this a few times a day – especially first thing in the morning and as your last thought before sleeping. You may also observe your fret list! Which is longer? What are you shaping energy into? Where does the balance tilt? In the end, make sure to tip the scales in the right direction!

From Divyaa Kummar…

You can find Divyaa on her blog and on Facebook


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Divyaa Kummar


divyaaBorn in Bombay, India, RELATIVITY OnLine’s own resident guru, Divyaa Kummar is a spiritual facilitator and fellow traveler for all those on the journey towards Self. She does not consider herself an academic, describing all she expresses as intuitive, rising from somewhere within her. Using words to take her readers beyond words, Kummar’s goal is to reach out with open arms through discourse, channeling, meditation and writing. Constantly awakening to her own infinite nature and sharing it with ‘other’ aspects of Self, Kummar works towards discovery and awakening, each and every day. A graduate of Bombay’s Xavier College, Kummar runs her spiritual blog at www.divyaakummar.com


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