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The Kazi Files – The Sky is Falling


From Dr. Kazi Kearse…

chickenDo you remember the story of Chicken Little ? As a child it was my favorite story, and now I know why. It’s a parable, that could be the key to aid us all in facing what is coming in the days ahead, and growing from it. I would like to share my insight with you…

Chicken Little was walking down the street one day, when an acorn fell from a tree and hit him in the head. A fox was watching him and was about to bounce on him when he noticed that other ducks and birds were coming around Chicken Little because he was getting them all worried about “the sky falling”. He waited till there were many different birds around, but soon realized that he was greatly outnumbered. He needed to come up with a plan, so he dressed up like a policeman and told them he would save them if they just got into his police van.

Now, of course it wasn’t a real police van. He just decorated it to look like one. He was really planning to lure them on to the van and the drive them away and eat them. Once he got them all on the van he revealed to them the truth. That the sky is not falling, and that it was an acorn that fell from a tree. The fox laughed at the birds for being so gullible, and through the acorn up into the air!

Just then Sergeant Hippo Heffty was flying by in a helicopter and the acorn got stuck in the copter gears! The helicopter crashed into the van with the birds in it, and they escaped to freedom!!!

chicken_little Alert How does this relate to our struggle today? Chemtrails cross our skies and literally do fall down on us. The New World Order, Agenda 21, and more lies than I can list, rain down on us on a daily basis. Economies around the world are collapsing and it appears there is no end in sight to the misery spreading around the globe. It is easy to think these are the end times

Like the fox, the greedy international banking families, lick their lips, as they spread fear around the globe. They realize though that there a re many of us, and only a few of them, so they must come up with a sneaky plan. What about a plan where we destroy ourselves? Through a global ponzi scheme they can get us to drown ourselves in debt, until there is no other choice but to get on the van they drive up to load us into.

By believing their costumes they get us to cooperate and do the opposite of what is in our own interest. By believing in our higher selves / higher power we can crash and smash those vans before we ever have to get into them.

The truth can be revealed to us. The truth is, the sky is falling, but it’s a good thing. No matter what happens we will learn lessons from it, find a way to survive, and be a better person because of it….




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The Assassination Of A Princess


From Dr. Kazi Kearse…

August 31st marks the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Although it was some 14 years ago, the hidden truths are only now starting to be fully exposed. We all suspected she was murdered by the royal family…

Now we have proof of how they tried to cover it up!!!!

As reported in an online magazine Wide Shut:

 “French authorities may seek an international arrest warrant for two former police chiefs, who withheld a prophetic note in which Princess Diana seemingly predicted her assassination by car crash. Something she stated on more than one occasion. It drew on a meeting between Diana and the law firm where she claimed her life was in danger; the record of the meeting in the form of a hand-written note says efforts would be made to get rid of her

“…be it by some accident in her car such as pre-prepared brake failure or whatever.”

Even the most non-conspiratorial minded person has to scratch their head with intrigue that Diana feared for her death by orchestrated car crash as early as 1993, and then wound up dead in a car crash, while one of the notes that predicted this was subsequently hidden by police officers honored by the Queen, whose oh so Royal family would be prime suspects in an assassination of the Princess.

So far the official story is that the Mercedes-Benz carrying the victims collided with the 13th pillar of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, because driver Henri-Paul was intoxicated with alcohol, anti-depressants and possibly carbon monoxide, causing him to lose control of the wheel. However video surveillance at the hotel that evening show an upright Paul who appears to be in full control of his faculties. Moments before entering the vehicle he can be seen quite happily tying his shoe laces with no obvious impairment.

David Icke has long since been saying that Princess Diana was assassinated. NBC aired a tv special with host Jane Paulie that looked into the secret tapes:


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The War On You


From Dr. Kazi Kearse…

There is a war on YOU ! It’s always been on you. We just never figured it out before in mass. You can hide as much as you want in the light still left you, but I tell you, they will extinguish all light if we do not awaken to their manipulation, and stop them. If you can stay with me, and not turn away, I will lay out for you step by step what they plan to do…

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

– Thomas Jefferson

These famous words were spoken centuries ago, and still ring true, because little has changed. Central Banks, owned by a few international banking families rule the same today as they did then, by increasing and then decreasing money supply. There have always been dark forces, and Eugenicists, who wanted to decrease the world population out of fear, or hatred. Today, the only difference is they possess the technology to do so, and to do so covertly. By stealth attacks on our immune systems they can lower populations around the world, and never have to fire a single shot, nor ask for your vote.

They Want To Crash The Economy

You will hear a term in the news in the coming days called QE2 or Quantitative Easing. Wikipedia defines it as:

The term quantitative easing (QE) describes a monetary policy used by central banks to increase the supply of money by increasing the excess reserves of the banking system when the normal methods to control the money supply have failed. A central bank implements QE by crediting its own account with money it creates ex nihilo (“out of nothing”). Risks include the policy being more effective than intended, spurring hyperinflation.

Perhaps they nicknamed it QE2 because it’s been tried before by central bankers. In Germany Hilter came to power as the Weimar Republic crashed and burned due to the central banker’s inflation and deflation. By the central bank in Germany printing too much money a condition called hyperinflation took place, where the price of everything sky rockets so that everyday items become completely unaffordable. So the central bakers inflate and inflate, until they break the economy. Then impose severe restrictions, or as they are calling them today “austerity”.

They Want To Steal Your Home

What is ForeclosureGate? ForeclosesureGate has the potential to be the largest crisis the world has ever know. It is estimated that there are over 45 Trillion dollars in mortgages in the United States. Banks decided that they could make money with your mortgage,  by cutting them up, and mixing them with other mortgages, and reselling them as financial vehicles.

By law, each time they did this, the original mortgage was suppose to pass from one financial institution to the next. The problem is that, many times the banks never actually did this. Now your original mortgage, in many cases is lost, or at least not with the institution who claims to now have your mortgage. In other words, they don’t physical have your original mortgage.

Was this planned? Or are they just stupid? I think it was planned. It is estimated that there are over 65 Trillion dollars of derivatives. That’s a lot of money for the banks to make on the way up…But here is how they will also make money on the way down.

Since they lost so many original mortgages, they will claim a crisis. Like they did in 2008. However, instead of a bailout they will claim that the government has to step in and buy / take ownership of every mortgage loan. The government, which is really the international bankers, will have laws passed that will require you to make your mortgage payments to them. Thus they will be able to take it right from your paycheck, taxes, etc…

If you still have a job and are lucky enough to be able to find a way to pay your mortgage to the government, you still are not out of the woods yet. They want to get their hands on your property tax payments.

In a scheme to rob people of their homes, big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank Of America have taken 106 Billion dollars of bailout money. Where did the money go? To save mortgages?…No… They have bought up tax liens in certain states and are forcing homeowners who have become delinquent, many times due to unemployment during this depression, to pay back property taxes, at as much as 18% interest. When these people can’t pay, the banks are foreclosing on the homes. Even if the homeowner has already paid for the house in full.

They Want To Make You Sick…And Then Die  ( In that order )

They want to make you sick, because there is a lot of money to be made by making you sick. They want to kill you, because they are Eugenicists, and they want to bring the population of the world down to half a billion people, which they believe, is a much more manageable number of people that they can sustainably control. There are 5 major industries that are working together towards this end:

The 5 Big’s : ( Owned by the same banking families )

1.  Big Pharma:                      Pharmacuetical Manufacturers

2.  Big Chema:                       Chemical Manufacturers

3.  Big Techna:                      Technology Companies

4.  Big Medica:                      Medical Industry

5.  Big Agra:                          Agricultural Industry

Einstein said that when the bee’s die, within 5 years, the people of the earth will die too. Well, the bees are dying. It is believed to be related to the GMO pesticides, and food that is made unnaturally in a test tube. These GMO’s allow for what is called soft kill. You can kill everybody if you just do it slow enough. Most people will not even realize they are dying until it’s too late. The key is to destroy the immune system. Eventually they will die from simple germs, and the true criminals never have to act upon them or deal with their resistance.

If you are old enough, you may remember a time when your throat wasn’t sore all the time? Why is it that you think rates of Autism, Cancer, and Mental Illness, are climbing so. How much longer will you wait? How much sicker do they need to make you, before you believe that this is real? How long before you stand up for yourself, and stand up for your children?

To make greater profits, companies are developing “terminator seeds” technology. Natural seeds yield a crop that grows back each year. Those a good farmer can get many good seasons out of a bag of seeds. A healthy crop will replenish itself. This however is not profitable to seed companies. Terminator seeds however, last only one season. Each year farmers will be forced to purchase new seeds. This drives up the price of farming, and the price you pay on the shelves. To those on the darkside, this is merely business.

The long term health effects of Codex Alimentarius, terminator seeds, and GMO’s cannot be known. We do know however that cancer, autism, and neurological disease rates are rising. Time is running out, both in our outside world, and inside us.

Vaccine depopulation in the western world, works by destroying the immune system response slowly, over time. Live toxins, neurological agents, cancer causing chemicals, and adjuvants are mixed in with the supposed regular vaccine. An adjuvant ( in theory ) is a chemical agent that is added to a vaccine to strengthen the vaccine’s potency against whatever the vaccine is protecting you from.  Thus, if the vaccine is for something like the flu, the adjuvant is used to make it stronger at killing the flu virus. It can, however, have harmful effects on other cells in the body. Many adjuvants are known now to have carcinogenic, and neurological effects. The vaccine makers know this and still use them. Why? Because they want to depopulate you!

Some vaccine makers throw in high levels of adjuvants, or even live viruses and cancers. Some are from humans, and some are from animals. The effects are the same. A slow kill, and culling of the world’s population, profitably. The sicker you become, the more drugs you have to buy.

Billionaires like Bill Gates are financing development of alternative means of vaccination, since the number of people refusing vaccinations is skyrocketing. They reportedly are looking at using nanotechnology to put vaccines in food, and even in mosquitoes., and deliver the toxins by stealth, without the need for a person’s consent.

Many of the biggest depopulationists sit on the boards of the drug companies, government agencies, the media, and financial institutions. They have even disguised philanthropic organizations to do the exact opposite of what the public thinks the organization is there for.

My heart weeps when it thinks about the evilness of some of these people. They have plotted and schemed for hundreds of years. While the people toiled and slept, darkness grew up around them. As Wayne Dyer has said, this will be the first generation that will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This  will also be a generation that will not make as much , per capita, as their parents did. They will have more toxins and releases of toxic chemicals, such as the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico or depleted uranium used in bombs, bullets, and all the weapons we spread around the world.

Let’s look at Thomas Jefferson’s famous statement again:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,

……Federal Reserve Bank

first by inflation, and then by deflation, …

…….Stock Market Crash 2008….Bailouts…And Quantitative Easing

the banks and the corporations which grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property,


until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

……. Austerity

There is still time…

This is the generation that will change the world! We are the ones who chose to be born here at this time. We are the greatest souls, sent down at this dire time in the history of our planet and our people. You did not come here to be small. You did not come here to simply work on your own light. You came to enlighten All That Is. Your light will shatter the darkness, and transmute it into the love that was our birthright…


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The Kazi Files – The Truth About 9/11


From Dr. Kazi Kearse…

Throughout history the elite have coalesced power by staging events to scare the populations of a given side, against the other side. The elite learned that you can finance both sides of a war, profit from the build up to war, and the fighting of the war, simply by staging events during peace time to bring the parties back to fighting, or give them ever new enemies to fight, and sources for you to collect money from.

The elite own all the major corporations, so not only do they get countries to loan money from them and thus owe them interest, but the money that the elite supposedly give to the country, just gets put into government contracts with the very corporations who are owned by the people who staged the war!

Corporatocracy is really a subgroup of the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy is made up of the families that own these large corporations and countries. The oligarchs are the ones who are really running the world. They are your true enemy. They like to try and fool you into fighting false enemies, like “the Muslims”, or “the communists”. All the while they fund those exact people to fight you too.

I submit to you that every event that has led our country into war has been staged by the same elite families; from the sinking of the Lusitania to the World Trade Center on 9/11. There are many excellent books and videos about the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. I will not try in this book to cover every one of them. I believe, however the following summarizes the highlights of the problems with the official story of the government and the 9/11 Commission. Some of the items in this list you may have heard about, some you may not have. ALL of them have been well researched…

Loose Change Documentary ( Full Cut )

1. The seeds of 9/11 go back to the 1980’s – 90’s.

The World Zionist Organization and the Israeli Likud government of Benjamin Netanyahu, principally Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser ( remember those names ). They published a document called: “Clean Break, A New Strategy For Securing The Realm”. Which called for cutting off peace talks, launching military assaults on Palestine, and getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Many of the authors of this document somehow make their way from Israel over to the United States and are given top positions in the US Government. Like Rahm Emanuel, later, in the Obama administration, they are somehow given “Duel Citizenship” status, and advanced roles in the American government. Richard Perle becomes head of The Defense Policy Board. Douglas Feith, Under Secretary, Defense Policy Board. David Wurmser, Chief Middle East Advisor. They all help draft the next document I will tell you about.

2. Neo Cons ( right wing conservatives ) who rose to power under president Ronald

Reagan, together with Perle, Feith, and Wurmser during the first Bush administration formulate a document and plan called “The Project For A New American Century”, also called the PNAC Report. In it they outline that America needs to increase it’s military presence around the world, and to preemptively strike other countries before they become too powerful. They particularly mention the middle east. The result will be that America will be able to maintain their dominance and control of vital resources. Oil is specifically mentioned. The document warns that this will take very long, unless there is a “new pearl harbor”.

3. The attack on the world trade center on 9/11/2001 would be used as that “pearl

harbor”. You may have wondered why George Bush Jr. stood on the top of the deck of that aircraft carrier when the troops had just chased out Saddam Hussein, with the whole war still ahead of him, and pronounced “mission accomplished”? Now you know why. His mission was accomplished! In fact it turns out, that the plans for removing Saddam Hussein where on president Bushes desk on September 10th, 2001.

The Truth About 9/11

4. There were many other preparations put in place before the attacks. To get a full

Understanding you have to look not only at what Al-Qaeda was doing, but also at the above players, now firmly in power in the American government. Sometimes you have to read behind the lines. CIA and Al-Qaeda ties go back many years. Osama Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll for many years, and carried out missions for them against middle east neighbors. In fact it is said that Al–Qaeda was funded by the CIA and put in place to do two things. To launch operations against American ( CIA ) enemies, and to act as a boogeyman in the American press, to justify funding the military establishment and the agenda of PNAC. In other words, to act in the interest of the banking families who own the corporations that get the contracts, and loan money to countries. Wars bring countries increasingly into more and more debt.

Media As A Weapon

The CIA tracked ( or monitored ) each of the so called hijackers before 9/11. One managed to bumble things so badly that he got himself picked up. Yet the real plot was never exposed. The stories of the other 19, mostly Saudi, so called highjackers are very bizarre. I say so called because some of them are still showing up alive and back home in the middle east walking around. It is said that Israeli Mossaud intelligence stole the 19 highjackers identities. Some of their wallet ids seemed to miraculously survive the incineration of the world trade center collapse and float down for investigators to find during the first few days of the clean up and investigation ? It was also amazing how fast our government had all 19 identities, backgrounds, and photos sent to the news media in really no time at all.

The World Trade Center was always publicly owned. A man named Larry Silverstein, however was somehow given the right to purchase it. Larry is a long time Zionist and billionaire with ties to Israel. He mysteriously worked out a sweetheart deal where he only had to pay a few million dollars for the multiple buildings, and quickly took out several billion dollars worth of insurance on them. Along with the clause that if the buildings were blown up by terrorists he would get twice as much.

Out – Foxed : Rupert Murdoch’s War On Journalism

Guess who he hired to be in charge of security? President Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush. Then weeks before the attack, they decide to shut down the buildings for “renovations”. The planners of 9/11 had a problem still. They had the technology since 1984 to remotely fly airplane jetliners into buildings, but the jet fuel, and building materials only burn to a few hundred degrees, however steal, which the buildings were made of, only melts and weakens at several thousand degrees.

An explosive would need to be added, but very few can burn that hot, except for something called Thermite. The debris field at ground zero was full of weapons grade nano thermite. In fact pools of molten metal were found only under the three buildings that collapsed. This is a by product of a nano thermite reaction. A chemical that is only able to be developed in state of the art American military labs. It’s not found anywhere else in the world. How was it delivered to The World Trade Center? Remember those renovations? Turns out that nano thermite can be sprayed on, like paint.

There were many manipulations going on, just prior to the buildings being pulled. Pulled means a controlled demolition. Silverstein admitted it when he was being questioned about building #7. He said “that’s why we had to pull the building”. Then his globalist friends got to him, and a few days later he took his statement back. Seemed he slipped and said too much.

Larry Silverstein Saying “We Decided To Pull The Building”

Stocks where being manipulated too. Massively in the days before the attack. As if some people in Wall Street knew that certain companies related to the airline industry was about to take a big hit. Goldman Sachs was not the only ones seeming to have inside information, even companies held by government officials were being sold as if they knew something was coming.

On the day of 9/11 inside information abounded around Washington. George Bush was sent out of town to go read to elementary school children, so that Dick Chaney would have a free hand to manage the events of the day. Chaney had an intimate knowledge of “the darkside” of PNAC and the military industrial complex, going back through several administrations. He needed to be at the helm for those minute by minute decisions. Like keeping those fighter jets far away until they are needed, like the one that shot down flight 93 over Pennsylvania only after the passengers had retaken control of the plane. Records show that Cheney was up early that day and sped to the underground command center.

There were a lot of people that morning who knew something. Someone called congressmen and told them not to come in. Someone called over 4,000 Jewish employees and told them to not come in also.

Rumsfeld Admitting Flight 93 Was Shot Down

5. Same thing at the Pentagon. The “so called” plane only hit the side of the building that was under renovation. Conveniently, Rumsfeld and crew were clear on the on the other side of the building. It’s very mysterious how with all the video cameras around the highest security building in the world, they will only show us one blurry image of something white hitting the building. Private businesses in the area had video footage, but the government came and took it from them, and never returned any of it. Same thing with all the audio tape from the cock pit black boxes. Some they kept, some they ripped up. No reason given, and no disciplining of the people who shredded it.

It does not even seem likely that a plane hit the Pentagon at all. The plane, particularly the engine, was never found in the building. In fact the hole that was originally made in the building was too small for it to have been the commercial airliner that they say it was. Experienced pilots have said that THEY could not even have flown into the pentagon the way they claimed this plane did. They also point to the fact that there is no ground dug up in front of the building,which surely would have happened if a plane that size was coming in from a banked turn at a high rate of speed. Nothing, that is not computer guided, couldhave hit the building so cleanly.

6. Problem – Reaction – Solution:

The attack on the world trade center, put together by the Neo Cons and the former Israeli Likud Zionists would be very profitable for their financial masters, the international banking families, because remember how the elite make money; by selling wars. The problem: “Terrorism”, gets sold to the American people through the media machine the elite own. The reaction is that we willingly give up our freedoms for a ( false) sense of security. The solution then gets to be incrementally stepped up to tyranny…Full control…Full Spectrum Dominance by a small elite…and the whole world will be swallowed up in it before they can do anything about it!

7. Once they control everything they can turn up the tyranny. They can collapse economies and get us to work more and more for them. They can poison us. They can imprison us. All without trial. For they are now, judge (regulators), jury (press) and executioner ( law enforcement ). Their minions cycle around and back again, from the corporate world, to lobbyists, to government regulators, then back again to the corporate world….etc.

The secret that cannot be spoken above a whisper is that if we ever had a government, it’s long since gone. 9/11 was an inside job. Americans and Israelis inside both governments killed over 3,000 Americans that day…Have sent over 4,000 American soldiers to their deaths, 60,000 to a life of VA hospitals and blew up over 1.5 million Iraqi men, women, and children and dislocated many millions more. All for empire, money, and the oil that comes with it.

And they aren’t done yet…. They want Iran…and they want YOU and your children. They will take it all if you don’t stand up now. Make no mistake about it. This is the 59th minute of the 11th hour. It’s up to you. Do you click this off and put on a music video, or do you do something? That’s all it takes to begin with. You doing some action. Sharing this link, joining an organization, or simply saying I will not comply anymore….

Speak the truth…LOUD….It’s our greatest weapon…

Stop The Machine Now


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The Kazi Files – The Greatest Lie Ever Told


“ Mr. Speaker, we are now in chapter 11. Members of
Congress are officially presiding over the greatest
reorganization of any bankrupt entity in history”…
Congressman James Traficant March 17th 1993

I’m afraid that those words uttered by congressman James Traficant, back in 1993 were true. In fact this was not the first time that the United States and its citizens were secretly in official bankruptcy. It was actually our fourth bankruptcy.

We have been bankrupt right from the start. It’s how banks prefer their patrons, because they can charge them high interest rates and get away with requiring all sorts of servitude, that they would never get away with under prosperity. In 1776 we won our “independence” from England, but we were financially bankrupted by the costs of the war. We took a loan and entered into a bankruptcy agreement with the Bank Of England. The terms of this agreement required us to give our new found property rights over to the bank. Thus the Bank Of England owned the United States Of America
The Civil War also created another bankruptcy opportunity for the international bankers. The European bankers helped ferment the war, and then cashed in on our weakened state. In return for our solvency they would extract their pound of flesh! They would do this by dismantling the constitution of one of the major countries whose existence challenged the authority of the crown.

Shortly after the Civil War, congress passed The Act of 1871, which threw out our real constitution, replaced it with the corporate constitution, and created the District Of Columbia. The new country would be called THE UNITED STATES (in all capital letters) as opposed to The United States Of America. The Constitution for the united states of America, as it was once written, was changed to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The capital letters were placed into the constitution and the name of the country for very specific reasons. The people who drafted the changes where changing the government from a republic to a corporation. In a Republic we each had fixed, sovereign rights, that could not be changed by the majority, or the whims of the powerful. As a corporation however, we now only had “privileges”, which would be subject to change by forces outside the individual.

You are also a corporation. Bet you didn’t know that! I know, I was shocked when I found out. They don’t tell you this in school. However if you look on your birth certificate, drivers license, or any other legal certificate from the government, you will see your name in capital letters. The reason for this is so that the owners of the United States Corporation can own you.

The government does not work for the people. It is beholden to the corporation. The center of the corporation is The District Of Columbia. The lawmakers there work for the corporation, not you and me anymore. The corporation controls the democrats and the republicans. They may try and fool people who do not really understand, but once you know these facts they will no longer be able to fool us.

In 1909 there was a major down turn in the economy ( probably purposeful shrinkage of the money supply ) and the banksters took advantage again by creating the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The foreign owners ( hypothecated ) were given the right to all land, and all people, inside the United States Of America, as security. In exchange they would issue us credit, and print as much money as we would need. At least that was the plan that was sold to congress. The bank’s shareholders ( some foreign families ) were given title to everything within the United States, and we the people, would be listed as the beneficiaries, by way of a birth certificate. This certificates would be a commodity. Your birth certificate is given specific monetary value and traded on the stock exchange. The red numbers on your birth certificate correspond to your stock number that is traded on the stock exchange.

You didn’t know you where traded on the stock exchange? I didn’t know either, for the longest time, but it’s true. In fact it is estimated that you are worth between 1-2 million dollars. You can read more about this later in the final chapters where I talk about the Freeman Movement.

In 1933, after the banks restricted the money supply, causing the stock market to crash, and the great depression; congress passed The Emergency Banking Act. This dissolved the United States of America, it’s sovereign authority, and all of it’s governmental bodies. From that day on, the United States Of America would exist in name only.

Authority was turned over to the International Monetary Fund ( linked to the Rothschild’s ). The International Monetary Fund is the “center” of all the central banks around the world. Through similar schemes they have acquired the rights and legal title to most of the property and people around the world.

I find it so sad that politicians have through the ages, sold their countrymen’s freedom and prosperity out to the highest bidder. By doing this they have traded our children’s lives away in exchange for immediate personal fortune. This was true of colonial politicians, like Alexander Hamilton, and even the Joe Liberman’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, and Harry Reid’s of our day.

From Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD…

Kazi can be found on Facebook, his blog and liveperson.com


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The Kazi Files – BP’s Planned Extinction Level Event


I learned at an early age to see with more than my eyes. The eyes can be deceived. That is why magicians can do wondrous illusions. They may wave something in front of you with one hand, and manipulate another thing with the hand that is behind their back. The corporate state is no different. While they flash before you a group of people or boats cleaning up, behind the scenes they are selling stock and bringing in foreign troops.

I will try and expose some of their illusions for you, so that you can see them as the tricks they really are. We will connect the dots of a vast underground elite worldwide manipulation to bring about an Extinction Event.

Let me explain what an Extinction Event is. Over the past 540 million years, there have been 5 known extinction events, where over half the life on earth perished. The last one, about 65 million years ago, killed off the dinosaurs. The last 5 extinction events where all natural in origin, meteors, pole shifts, ice ages…etc. The extinction event that has begun is the first of its kind. A man made extinction event.

A small group of men, and international banking families have been amassing power behind the scenes for hundreds of years. I will not go into how they did that here, but you can read my other posts and find out how they did what they did. What they did was construct a control grid around the world. Through controlling EVERYTHING they are able to reap great profits. When you go from millions to billions to trillions of dollars of worth, eventually it becomes less about money and more about power.

Our country is not owned by the United States government, nor is it run by the government. Overseas bankers own our country, principally British and European banking families. Congress gave it to them, over 130 years ago, through bribery and debt. Today they own everything, including you. Most of the money you earn goes to them….And if you don’t pay them, they will lock you up.

But eventually, even this was not good enough for them. They knew that we would eventually wake up to what they were doing. They have figured out that they can only effectively, and sustainably control about 500,000 people. More than that, and they will eventually be strung up by the masses.

Their solution they call The Great Culling. The slow extermination of the other 6 billion people on the planet. Hundreds of different programs where funded to manipulate our air, water, and food, with the ultimate aim being sterilization, and slow kill extermination through cancer, and other diseases.

The elite use corporations to do their dirty work. One of the oldest and most corrupt has been British Petroleum ( BP ). Did you know that BP is the 4th largest corporation in the world? It use to be owned by the British government. Back in the 1950’s it joined together with the CIA and installed the Shah of Iran, who was very ruthless, but backed their oil interests.

I wonder if half of the zeal to attack Iran, is them wanting to get their old control back? Either way, the relationship between the BP and the British and American governments has only grown over the years.They do this today through puppets like Tony Blair and Dick Cheney. Remember the first top secret meeting Cheney had after getting in office was with oil companies. Soon after 9/11 happened, and they divided up the middle east oil fields and pipelines. BUT, what if that wasn’t where their evil plan ended? What if it also included plans for an event in 2010, that Cheney would still be involved with through his company Halliburton?

Wall Street and Corporate Manipulation:

The gulf oil disaster occurred on April 20th, 2010. However days and weeks before the actual event happened there were very large stock sell offs by Goldman Sachs, BP, and their executives, like Tony Hayward, who is now their spokesperson. Why would these executives dump what had been good stock in mass? No other reason except insider trading. They knew something was going to happen. Just like they knew before hand on 9/11 and dumped stock. In fact it’s the same company, and many of the same executives.

In some very suspicious business negotiations Dick Chaney’s Halliburton bought an oil fire fighting company, named Boots and Coots, just weeks before it created the fire at the gulf oil rig. When I say created, it’s conjecture of course, but I find it very odd that many of the safety devices were turned off or not working at the time of the explosion on the oil rig.

This is just the beginning of the corporate collusion however. To fully comprehend what happened behind the scenes you have to also understand a company named NALCO. who makes the dispersant BP insists on using even after our government told them not to. Right on the label it says do not inhale contents, yet what is the first thing BP did? They filled planes with it and began aerial spraying!!! Not only is this substance on of the most toxic dispersants they could use, but it becomes extra toxic when heated…like in heated by the warm gulf temperatures.This toxic soup not only is ingested by sea and wildlife, but also enters the water cycle, through evaporation and rains down on plants, and people!

There are other companies involved and they are all connected through Dick Cheney. Halliburton has a Salt Lake City office next door to Mineral Management Services ( MMS ). MMS was also involved in the oil rig disaster, but they also have an office in England next door to BP. Also,you need to know, that NALCO, the company that makes Corexit is run by a Harvard (I’m guessing, bonesman) named Erik Frywald. Who has ties with Exxon, Dupont, and Eli Lilly.

Plot thickens even more, because these companies are also linked to Pegasus International, which while having the public face of an event planning and travel company for the elite, also has known CIA and black opps ties.

Would you be shocked to know that Pegasus International bought an old airpark in Florida that it secretly stocked up with thousands of white vans, an underground bunker, train tracks and large warehouses with pipes going into them? These vehicles were moved into position just prior to the oil rig explosion, as if they knew exactly where it would happen! It is said that as part of a CIA / NSA operation these vehicles may be outfitted with advanced spying technologies.

Pegasus International also does work with Cerberus Capital Management which just bought a company a few days prior to the explosion called Dyn Corp International, which is connected to Goldman Sachs. The next day, Goldman Sachs sold its stock in Trans Ocean, and made a big profit after the oil fire.

What is interesting is that in Greek mythology, ( which the elite’s love ) Pegasus was a horse, and it is said that everywhere he stamps his hoofs a spring appears. The town that the airpark is in is called Green Cove Springs. Pegasus was sired by Poseidon, the Greek God Of The Sea. Odd that a company with that name would be involved in such a sea disaster. Cerberus is also from Greek mythology and was a half dog / half wolf beast that guarded the gates of hell (The Hound Of Hell).

Dyn Corp says that they are a leading governmental service provider, in support of US national security and foreign policy objectives…What???…A private government spy agency???? Bought by a company that names itself after the Hound Of Hell…???? Ummm…let’s summarize what we are learning…

1. Before the well was blown, certain financial and tactical arrangements were put in place.
2. Once the well was blown, it would be handled first, by BP’s corporate army, and second by U.S.
3. Corexit would be used, developed by NALCO.
4. Contamination of sea, and and air, would begin.
5. Aim: Extinction Event ( as prophetsized by Credo Mutwa, Hopi, and others).
6. Goal: New World Order / World Government for remaining 500,000

The Extinction Event has begun. Already it is effecting not only the sea life, and wildlife, but also crops near by have developed a strange virus. Some with white spots on the leaves, some with yellow. The plants / crops are turning brown, and dying suddenly. They are calling it a plaque, but we all know where it is coming from. The oil that’s gushing out, and the dispersants they are spraying. BP KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!

The most toxic chemicals coming out of the gulf is not the oil, or even the dispersants, but something called Volatile Organic Compounds. These are natural chemicals that are highly concentrated at extremely toxic levels and are spewing up with the oil from under the ground. The EPA has taken readings in the gulf and the levels of these compounds are off the charts!!! If you can smell the oil, you are breathing it in, and need to get far away.

Lindsey Williams, who use to work as a preacher on the Alaskan oil pipeline, spoke recently on the Alex Jones Radio Show and released the following EPA figures from that day:
Notable VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS now being leaked from the hole:

(Items 1-3 as read by Lindsey Williams from his copy of this week’s unreleased (handed to him) EPA report):

1. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) being emitted at levels of 1,200 PARTS PER BILLION (ppb) into the surrounding Gulf water (AND into the AIR ABOVE the surface, once it surfaces due to density issues) – KNOWN levels which are considered “safe” for human life are = ONLY 5-10 ppb;

2. Benzene (C6H6) being emitted at levels of 3,000 ppb (human safe levels = ONLY 0-4 ppb);

3. Methylene Chloride (aka DCM / dichloromethane CH2Cl2) being emitted at levels of 3,400 ppb (human safe levels at BELOW <61 ppb).

* Alex Jones also reported he had read or heard rumors about emissions of …

4. VANADIUM particulate expulsion (safe levels UNKNOWN: per Wikipedia there are 2 isotopes of Vanadium naturally occurring: 1 stable, 1 RADIOACTIVE!).

RUPTURE is not just in 1 place, but since the initial strike, there are now at least 2 locations, each hole 20 miles apart.

Full Lindsey Williams Interview:

I hope that I have made some things clear to you. This is an unprecedented Extinction Event. It was planned, and and is being managed by a cabal of elite bankers and corporations, along with the CIA and NSA through international ties to multinational corporations.The crown has landed on our shores, to finish the job it started in 1776….And it won’t require a single British soldier. The corporations, private security forces, and foreign UN troops, are going to do it for them….

So what can we do about it????? First we have to tell people. You need to help get this information out to people. Tell your friends, the media, whoever will listen. We will have to make drastic changes to our lives. Some people may have to move. Patriots can begin to fight back against the elite, by stopping cooperating with the machine, and throwing our bodies into the gears, make it slow down…and eventually grind to a stop! Begin by changing how you think. Shop at the local market instead of the chain store. Take your money to a credit union, instead of the big banks. Everyone can change in their own individual ways. Begin today, right now.

We need to put together the best minds from around the world in how to stop the oil from coming up. This will have to be a private operation outside of government or corporate involvement. We need to do it, like our lives depend on it, because it does…

Lastly, I want my children to know, that daddy tried to stop it. We have difficult days ahead. Gandhi said, that first they ridicule you, then they want to kill you, then you win. I fully expect that we will be made fun of, mainstream media will try and say we are extremists. Then they will try to imprison and kill us. Which they are already doing…but I would rather face them head on then take their slow death…

Martin Luther King said in his last speech: “I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get to the promised land”. Individually, there’s no guarantee of your outcome, but together as a people, if we stand up together we can defeat the elite!!!

From Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD…

Kazi can be found on Facebook, his blog and liveperson.com


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FOX News Conspiracy Theories


Recently the Obama administration reffered to the FOX News Network as not really being a news channel. Their claim – FOX is sensationalism that works to support an agenda, rather than report the news. Watch the following collection of clips and decide for yourself.


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