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American Fundamentalism


From David Anthony Hohol..

Pat Robertson Speaks At National Press ClubHalloween 2014 is almost here and soon the ghouls will be out in full force.  Christian media personality Pat Robertson started early however. Every once in a while this writer feels the need to mention this bigoted, racist, infantile fear monger to remind us that people like him do indeed exist.  On his Christian Broadcasting Network show on Wednesday, Robertson attacked gay Houston Mayor Annie Parker for issuing subpoenas to several pastors who had opposed a new anti-discrimination law. Robertson’s wise words are below:

“These people are terrorists, they’re radicals, and they’re extremists… No Christian in his right mind would ever try to enforce somebody against their belief or else suffer jail. Now they did that during the Inquisition. It was horrible. It was a black mark on our history, but it isn’t being done now. There’s no Christian group I know of anywhere in the world that would force somebody to do something contrary to their deep-held religious beliefs or else face criminal penalties, but that’s what the homosexuals are trying to do here in America and I think it’s time pastors stand up and fight this monstrous thing.”

These comments came on the heels of another pearl of wisdom. While responding to a “The 700 Club” viewer, his own Christian network program, Robertson cautioned traveling to Kenya, not because of Ebola, but because “the towels could have Aids.”

The world is filled with religious nut-jobs. This is not a criticism of religion itself, but an observation of those who pervert and hi-jack religion to explain away their equally perverse thoughts and actions. On of my all time favorite examples of Robertson’s perverse and twisted thinking was his claim that the monstrous 2010 earthquake in Haiti was due to Haiti’s “pact with the devil.” Thousands upon thousands of Haitians are dead; the entire impoverished country is in ruins and these were his words:

“Something happened a long time ago in Haiti and people might not want to talk about. They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said ‘We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.’ True story. And so the devil said, ‘Ok it’s a deal.’ And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got something themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

The United States of America is home to some of the world’s most fundamentalist Christians, radicals if you will. The scary part is that in a country of 300 million people, there are numbers in excess of a million (and perhaps much more) that would fully agree with Robertson on this and all that he has said in the past. In our ever shrinking Global Village, these words are then sent around the planet in an instant and people in  Central an South America, the Middle East, Africa and beyond see them as representing America. This is what makes people like Robertson so very dangerous. They breed hate.

The Muslim world deals with this all the time. With 1.3 billion Muslims in the world over, even if only 3% are radical fundamentalists, their numbers are in the millions and they have come to represent the other 97%. The next time people throw the word fundamentalist around, don’t forget to look over at toxic pool of the American Evangelical Christian Right. Radicals don’t only live in the Middle East. Sometimes they’re right next door. Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the little highlight reel, courtesy of Anderson Cooper’s ‘the Ridiculist.’




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For God’s Sake, Shoot Someone! Please!


From American Corespondent Larry Wohlgemuth…

George W. Bush used the tragic events of 9/11 to start a war, just not against the right country. Although most of the hijackers hailed from Egypt, Bush convinced the American people to declare war on Iraq.

He laid out his reasons carefully. Saddam Hussein was a monster, a madman who sought weapons of mass destruction. God only knew what he would do with them if he got them. Look at this tiny vial of white powder I’m using to terrify you, surely made in one of his mobile chemical and biological weapons labs. He’s definitely the greatest monster we’ve ever faced, at least as bad as Hitler. Oh the humanity.

Bush and his henchmen repeated these lies, ad infinitum. With sufficient numbers of people foaming at the mouth with rage and demanding he stop Hussein before it’s too late, Congress abdicated. They refused to demand Bush obtain a constitutional declaration of war. Instead of using stealth to track down the 19 alleged terrorists, tens of thousands American soldiers and hundreds of thousands Iraqis and Afghans are dead or wounded.

It begs the question, why are there so many who can’t feel safe unless we are killing a large numbers of people somewhere in the world?

is ubiquitous and essential to our survival as a species. To ensure that we learn to avoid danger and propagate, evolution created the amygdala glandin our brains. Colloquially it might be known as the “holy fucking shit” button. Once the active brain determines we are in grave danger, a notification is sent to the amygdala which takes control.

The amygdala activates the endocrine system to release massive amounts of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine. The effects are instantaneous. Cardiovascular functioning accelerates, blood is diverted from the brain to the muscles, and the fight or flight response is underway. Meaningful thought and consideration is suspended until the stress hormones have been expended.

Problems arise when we make inappropriate appraisals of our circumstance and respond inappropriately and disproportionately to it. In other words, we go off the deep end. We concluded that someone has a gun to our heads when none exists, and it’s exactly what’s happening in our country today, en masse.

Groupthink can be dangerous. Used responsibly it can result in outpourings of goodwill, however it has a dark side. Most of the heinous acts in history were committed as a result of misapplied groupthink. Nazi Germany is but one example out of thousands.

This group fear response is similar to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Relating current circumstances to past experiences, the group comes to an unfounded conclusion. It’s fear generated by unseen threats. The war veteran hits the dirt when he hears a car backfire, mistaking it for enemy fire. His response would be appropriate in a war zone, but not in society.

One person in a crowd yells “witch” and triggers a group fear reaction. History tells us where group fear took the people in Salem, Massachusetts, circa 1692. Everyone who encounters this fear is at peril for being overcome by it. We are the Borg, and by your fear you will be assimilated.

Republican legislators have pounded the drums of war against Iran for a decade. They flout the specter of wild eyed Iranian ayatollahs with nuclear weapons in the faces of the most fearful, and they are responding by crying out in fear for us to bomb Iran. It works, that’s why they use it.

Recently both US and Israeli intelligence have proved Iran has abandoned its nuclear program. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed, yet many people refuse to believe this. Still today one fourth of the people believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and a stunning number believe they actually used them.

Research shows a large number of these people are affected by an overdeveloped amygdala, which can be caused by exposure to long term or severe trauma. One in five children in the United States will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday, which means 60 million people in the United States are at risk for PTSD from that alone. Add into that people traumatized by fundamentalist religions, accidents, violent crimes, and other episodes, and you realize this is potentially a huge number.

Fear is a contagion. A little time spent observing a pack of dogs will confirm that. People are no different, and when one person gets afraid it spreads to everyone around him. When fear infiltrates a group, logic and reason cannot bring them back to reality. It has to run its course.

This group fear response is trickling down to individuals as well. Record numbers have applied for concealed carry gun permits, afraid to leave their houses unless they are packing heat.

Bo Morrison, an intoxicated 20-year-old in Slinger, WI, attempted to evade police by taking refuge in an unidentified homeowner’s screen porch. Even though he had a gun, the homeowner felt so menaced by Morrison that he shot and killed him rather than holding him for the police. Authorities will not press charges, saying the shooting was justified under Wisconsin’s “Castle Doctrine Law.”

Morrison’s crime? He ran from police because he was at an underage drinking party.

Trayvon Martin of Sanford City, FL, was hunted down and shot by a community watch block captain. George Zimmerman chased and cornered Martin, then shot him dead. The 19-year-old Martin was on his way home from a convenience store where he had bought a package of Skittles and an iced tea.

Authorities were refusing to prosecute Zimmerman under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, but the popular outrage was so great it looks like they will change their minds. However without the recorded 911 call made by Zimmerman it’s unlikely that would’ve happened.

That these laws even exist speaks volumes. Only the most fearful see the need for legislation that allows them to shoot to kill in nearly any circumstance. Reasonable people understand that they are not under attack at every moment. Since the violent crime rate has dropped steadily for the last 20 years, it makes this trend particularly disconcerting.

Crime rate dropping like a stone, yet people are still scared.

We can’t achieve a solution as long as conservative politicians continue to stoke the flames of fear. With their overactive amygdalas, reason will not be sufficient to walk these people back. They are the kind of people who like to kill the voice of reason, and I think it partially explains their hatred for President Obama. They have embraced their fears.

It would be interesting to see a fear index study done on people who get right to carry permits. We might be astounded at their fear levels, and it would probably explain a lot. Then we might realize how far we have left to go.


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Mooz-Lum: An American Story


Writer-director Qasim Basir is nothing less than compelling in his feature film debut, “Mooz-lum.”  In it he attacks Islamist extremism while giving moviegoers a rare and enlightening portrayal of life as a Muslim in America. There’s an indisputable strength to the raw melodrama of “Mooz-lum,” a tale from the heart indie that expresses itself in primary colors. A coming of age story of a Muslim-American college student in the midst of an identity crisis on the eve of 9/11, the plot will engender debate and curiosity once audiences leave the theater. The stellar acting from the very accomplished ensemble only adds to the list of reasons this film is worth seeing.

The LA Times says, “Having created rich roles for his actors, Basir elicits from them inspired portrayals. Well-crafted in all aspects, “Mooz-lum” is not only rich in nuance, but also an engrossing entertainment made with skill and passion.

We say, don’t miss it.



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Marijuana’s Moment


From American Corespondent Jack Walsh…

Marijuana occupies a curious cultural and political space in the world right now.

Banned for reasons that have no doubt been incoherently recounted to you by a stoned person, its illegality is increasingly becoming irrelevant. The addictive and criminal ravages of crack, meth, and heroin have put cannabis in perspective for most law-enforcement agencies, and many cops no longer care about possession at this point. Law-and-order conservatives have either caught their kids with it too many times or smoked too much of it to get worked up about the demon weed anymore. There are entrenched interest groups still fighting the good fight, but as far as their actual popular support goes, they’re working on credit.

Much as stories about obesity always show fat people's corpulent bodies from the neck down, stories about weed always include pictures of smoking mouths cut off below the eyes.

Also, the medical marijuana crusade has made major inroads. More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical use, buying into the massive charade that the marijuana-rights lobby has pushed for years. Marijuana is not medicine in the same way booze is not medicine: you could certainly use it to alleviate a few specific symptoms, but it’s just too crude to be real medicine. It’s a plant which you burn to create 1,600 combustion products, and while people are known to toss a few addys or pain pills to their friends, you usually don’t assume you’re welcome to someone’s prescriptions when they take them in the same room as you.

This is the problem with any struggle: it will ultimately shape the cause. People who are faced with nigh-insurmountable obstacles to something they want will inevitably oversell the righteousness of their mission, and the pro-marijuana camp has adopted all manners of asinine dogma in their efforts to prove they’re less of a burden on society than crackheads: it’s not a drug. It’s not addictive. It doesn’t cause lung cancer. It doesn’t make you stupid or lazy if you do it all the time.

Marijuana is a drug, full of nasty shit you’d be better served to not put in your lungs, and anyone who has ever looked at a piece of drug paraphernalia knows that full well. It can rob almost any user of direction or motivation with adequate use. Also, take it from someone who, though several weeks inactive, can’t see it depicted in movies or write a blog post about it at 1PM on a Thursday without craving some just a little bit: weed is addictive. It takes some serious work to get addicted to it, and you need a supportive group of friends to get you to that point, but psychological addiction is addiction nonetheless.

I have it on good authority that they did not get rid of this bong after the story broke, and that it hits pretty nice.

So we are left with one of those situations which would be pretty straightforward if not for human nature: the issue could be laid to rest with a little pragmatism and honesty, but there are simply too many agenda-driven parties still prepared to fight this battle like it’s the fucking Marne. If the legalization set could admit that elements of marijuana use and legalization are undesirable, we’d assuage the other side’s concern for their vulnerable children. If the opposition could admit that it’s not dangerous enough to warrant prohibition and focus on preventing their vulnerable children from firing it up so enthusiastically, we could collect excise taxes out the ass.

That’s the heart of my argument. With $5-$8 per gram in federal and state excise taxes, we could raise billions of dollars a year for healthcare and education, to say nothing of the previously-undeclared income added to the IRS’s rolls. While the austere stoner might balk at that tax figure, the specifics of certain international treaties mean that the legalization of pot in America would yield the legalization of pot in basically every country outside of Southeast Asia and the Muslim World, meaning that globalization would drive prices down for marijuana as it has for everything else. Also, you don’t have to pay for the risk of legal products, and cheaper mass-production methods would result in a situation similar to tobacco where the production costs are lower than the taxes. A side-effect of that tax hedge: the artificially smaller margins between cheap outdoor shit and the finest green would push the market towards high-potency production.

I also find it slightly suspect that news stories about weed never fail to include pornographically filmed close-up shots of cured marijuana

Admittedly, I think we should be getting taxes on cocaine, heroin, and all the other hard drugs as well. The problems of drug addiction will be there anyway, and we should stop giving murderous criminals and terrorists total control of the blue chips to end all blue chips. We could pacify Afghanistan and build up their economy with the one industry they’ve proven any good at, cement South and Central America’s current path of stabilization, and decimate terrorist financing worldwide. Still, the conspicuous ravages of hard drugs make for a harder fight, and we should start with the only popular drug that doesn’t destroy lives (okay, maybe it ruins one here and there). The government is beating itself up trying to fight the deficit by increasing existing taxes. If our elected officials could simply see past their misguided quest for public morality , they could stop throwing away an untapped source of tax revenue that our country so desperately needs.


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And The Winner Is… Catholicism


From Larry Wohlgemuth…

While the tea party ostensibly labors for the return to constitutional governance (no, that’s not a joke) it’s easy to see other hands at work. Several tea party factions have been co-opted by fundamentalist Christians. It’s written all over their signage.

They long for the “good old days”, like back when white people were white and black people were scared shitless. It was a time when your children could pray openly to Jesus in the classroom, getting their heads right for the Klan rally and cross burning on Saturday night. Makes you long for simpler days, doesn’t it?

Now they howl for a return to principles which, if rightly understood, would be the last thing they would want. Their true desires are to exercise a degree of hegemony over other races and classes of people like they did in the 1950s. They couldn’t be more transparent.

These fundies, having gotten a few of their candidates elected, will be clamoring to post the Ten Commandments and reinstate prayer in schools. They see this as a time when the United States will turn its back on sin and return to its “core principles.” It begs the question, do these people have the slightest clue about anything they say?

Christine O’Donnell, the anti-masturbatory candidate from the Jesus party in Delaware, demanded her opponent explain where the words “separation of church and state” appeared in the First Amendment. Well of course he couldn’t, because those words were spoken by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists to elucidate the Establishment Clause to them.

Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.

Thomas Jefferson ~excerpt from Letter to Danbury Baptists January 1, 1802

As the main framer of the Constitution, Jefferson was an expert on its intent, and clearly it restricted the state from establishing any religion. This followed the government’s claim in article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797:

Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

Since most of the founders were Deists it seems unlikely that their intent would have been to establish a nation based on the Christian myth. Clearly their writing say as much, but suppose their intent was to create a Christian nation, then whose Christianity would it be? Everybody who wants to see this as a Christian theocracy imagines the dogma would mirror their personal beliefs exactly, but how would that be possible? Since you can’t get any two Christians to even agree on which Bible version to use, how would they ever compromise to create a theocracy?

A cursory review of the data says that Protestant Jesus wins, however closer examination shows a multiplicity of denominations with widely varying and irreconcilable theological disparities. Baptists by far are the largest Protestant denomination, but they make up only 16.5% of the population. They are far outdistanced by the Catholics at 24.5%. For Protestantism to rule would require an unlikely coalition between Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals and Presbyterians.

Then you have the minor denominations like the Assemblies of God, Mormon/LDS, Church of Christ and Jehovah’s Witnesses; a more disparate group you could not find. While the Methodists, Lutherans and Presbyterians might be able to work together, they comprise a paltry 14% of the adult population. And the Baptists, well, they vomit in their mouths at the thought of these “lukewarm” denominations. They are certain God will send all mainstream, non-Baptist Protestants to hell.

Since a Protestant coalition acceptable to all is inconceivable, by default we would become a Catholic nation, but hasn’t that been tried before? I seem to recall something in the history books about Inquisitions, Crusades and other generally less than acceptable behaviors on the part of the Catholic Church. Plus we can’t forget how fond they all are of buggering little boys, so I think in the court of public opinion that most would find theocratic Catholicism unacceptable.

So how in the world can we ever get God wedged back into everyone’s lives whether they want it or not? More importantly, how can we do it so that OUR beliefs (which we know are the only TRUE beliefs) are the ones taught in school? How do we make sure that one of the false religions like (insert name of your least favorite Christian denomination here) doesn’t get to impose their will and false doctrine upon us? While I don’t believe Christine O’Donnell could ever think this critically, if you have an IQ above seven and can fog a mirror it’s starting to make sense to you now.

This was exactly the scenario that Jefferson anticipated, and the crux of his explanation to the Danbury Baptists about why they shouldn’t demand a national religion. His argument was, that unless you find yourself in the majority, you might be forced to embrace dogma with which you disagree. Though the Baptists were in a majority in colonial times, today they would find themselves subservient to Catholics. Baptists generally refer to Catholicism as the whore church, so it’s unlikely they would be happy with that circumstance.

While visions of theocratic rule dance in the heads of men like James Dobson and Billy Graham, the fact is they would be serving as butt-boys to Pope Benny the Rat and his cadre of boy-buggering wilde-priests. It would almost be enough to make you laugh except we would all be in the same position, and that’s on our hands and knees.

So as teabaggers display their buffoonery, they can rest secure with the knowledge that the Constitution protects them even though they don’t understand how it works. In this case the worst thing for them would be to get that for which they wish, because the law of unintended consequences would quickly convince them of their error. Unfortunately that’s a deal that once it’s done, too bad, so sad.

It makes you wonder if most of them deserve the protections that the Constitution affords. And Christine, you are correct, the words “separation of church and state” do not appear anywhere in the document although clearly that is the intent, however you have to be able to think more than uni-dimensionally to understand it. That leaves you and most of your teabagger friends out.


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Islam In America – An Experiment in Social Psychology


How would you react if you saw a Muslim woman being mistreated in a store, not being served purely because of what she was wearing and the religion she follows?

ABC’s news magazine Primetime posed this very question and with the help of hidden cameras conducted a little experiment. The results are interesting to watch and at times, highly emotional. They show that while some Americans are prejudiced, most aren’t. The minority of those involved in the experiment who supported prejudiced behavior don’t realize North American culture as a whole is very much the New World, a civilization built upon the pillars of immigration and secular thought.


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Racist Bitch? Who Gets To Decide?


While listening to Dr. Laura’s racist meltdown the other day I was reminded of a recurring episode from my childhood involving my brother. Like all siblings we competed with each other, which inevitably led to physical confrontation. Being two years older and considerably larger, they usually ended with me imposing my physical will on him, and he would run crying to mom.

He’d be screaming all the way that I hurt him, and my response would be, “That didn’t hurt, that didn’t hurt,” all the while telling him to be quiet. Then there was the moment of truth where mom would listen to the facts and make her decision. My brother’s claims and my protestations had precious little to do with her judgment. Unable to appreciate that our tiny house allowed her to hear everything that transpired, we’d both state our cases passionately. Generally her rulings were just, although there was a time or two that she missed. Regardless, neither his claims nor my protests ultimately had much impact on her ruling, but what I learned was I didn’t get to decide whether my actions were hurtful. It begs the question, what the hell makes Dr. Laura believe she gets to decide whether her behavior was racist?

Dr. Laura is a hate filled, homophobic, xenophobic, religious wingnut, titty-baring bitch, and I’m working very hard to be as kind as possible. She’s the spawn of Satan sent to cause immeasurable pain and suffering on the world. That said, let’s look at her actions.

On the radio she goes into a complete meltdown, using a pejorative racial epithet repeatedly, deluded that she was helping a human being of the race she was denigrating. Eleven times in five minutes she used the N-word, rationalizing that since black comedians on HBO and Showtime use it that she should be able to use it, too. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, we’d suggest that she was just trying to open a heretofore off-limits dialogue. The thing is, when it comes to hatred it’s never reasonable to give a person the benefit of the doubt. However there was one thing that I did find amusing in this reprehensible display of ignorance and bigotry.

When the caller, an African-American woman who was obviously timid and self-conscious, finally mustered the courage to confront Dr. Laura, she responded much as I did all those years ago. She exclaimed, “That’s not racist, that’s not racist,” as if it was her decision to make. Just as I’d done all those years ago, she was living with the misconception that ultimately it was her right to determine whether her actions were inappropriate. The difference is that I was only seven years old, and based on the crevices in her face she has to be at least 80, and should know better. The sad truth is, despite being a psychologist, she actually believed that it was her right to decide whether her behavior was hateful and racist. The problem is, we’re seeing that same conduct from the borderline personalities on the right every day.

Look at the teabaggers and you see this dynamic in action all the time. They walk the streets with signs depicting Barack Obama dressed as a tribal African with a bone in his nose, or one that reads “Monkey See, Monkey Spend,” yet they act like none of us are capable of reaching our own conclusions. They protest vociferously any suggestion that they might be racist, xenophobic or homophobic, all the while acting racist, xenophobic and homophobic.

It’s like walking in on your three-year-old who has cookie all over his face and hands, and when you ask him he denies having been in the cookie jar. You know he’s lying, and he knows he’s lying, yet somehow in his tiny, marginally functioning intellect he’s convinced that he’s really telling the truth. The problem is that we have a large number of adults, capable of doing adult damage, who are functioning intellectually and emotionally at the level of a three-year-old. The question becomes, what are we to do about it?

Since I already started this by being less than politically correct a judgmental asshole, I don’t see any sense in ending it any other way. If someone was destroying his life with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, we’d feel compelled to intervene on his behalf. We wouldn’t allow him to careen out of control without throwing him a life preserver. We need to do the same with Dr. Laura and the teabaggers.

I propose a stupidity intervention. It’s time we approach them with our concerns that they are so totally ignorant that we’re worried they might forget to breathe, and that they need to get help. The first thing we’d do is use parental controls on their televisions and lock them out of FOX News, forcing them to get their information from a variety of other sources. The second would be to require them to attend a class about the Constitution of the United States. Finally, and most importantly, we’d demand they spend 10 hours a week as a minority at a gathering of people from another race or ethnic background. I know these are extreme measures, but we live in desperate times.

If you have someone that you’re worried about, please don’t stand by and allow them to slide into the abyss. Confront them and tell them that you really wish they would go for help. It’s the only merciful thing to do.

From Larry Wohlgemuth…


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Dear Americans


From Saudi Arabia Corespondent Eman Al Nafjan…

I occasionally get Emails and comments from non-Arab people asking what they can do to help. Generally there isn’t much that can be done by outsiders as it’s my belief that sustainable change is only change that happens from within. However in areas where West collides with East there are things that can be done to either hurt moderate Muslims or help us.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an area that has a lot of impact on the growth and recruitment of terrorist Islamic movements. This is a previous post on how young Saudis come to hate the West as a result of it.

Now with the Park51 Mosque, things have come to a head. This is an area where you can help. To lump Islam as one single ideology and 23% of the world population as terrorists is a grave mistake. To fight Islam in general is the single best backing position for the West to take in aiding fundamental Islamists. When you don’t support people like Imam Rauf and Tariq Ramadan, then in effect you are supporting people like Osama Bin Laden.

When outsiders  lump Islam into this one narrow interpretation that must be fought, they are playing their part in Osama Bin Laden’s world stage. Fundamental Islamists, from the nonviolent to terrorists all use the same effective argument to recruit Muslim laypeople. It goes along the lines of “see, see they hate us. They want to wipe us off the face of the Earth. Where is their freedom and democracy?”

They use as examples for this argument America’s support for Israel, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and discrimination against Muslims in western countries. The opposition to and cancellation of Park 51 looks like a future addition to the list alongside the burning of the Qurans in Florida.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone born in a Muslim country who only speaks the language of that country and who has never been anywhere besides that country. Your religious leader, your school teacher or any other person you might have reason to be drawn to tells you about the Palestinian plight illustrated with photos of maimed children and refugee camps. He then talks to you about the innocent civilians killed indiscriminately by American tanks and bombs. Iraqi women raped by American soldiers. He shows you pictures from Abu Ghraib. He talks to you about how Americans hate Muslims and illustrates about how thousands of Americans opposed the building of a mosque and how an American priest is going to burn the Quran. How would you feel?

Do Americans really want to feed into that argument? Islam is the second largest religion in the world, second only to Christianity. It’s not going away, you either help moderate Muslims or you feed into the fundamentalists’ view of the world. Who do you want to be proven wrong?


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The Kazi Files – The Greatest Lie Ever Told


“ Mr. Speaker, we are now in chapter 11. Members of
Congress are officially presiding over the greatest
reorganization of any bankrupt entity in history”…
Congressman James Traficant March 17th 1993

I’m afraid that those words uttered by congressman James Traficant, back in 1993 were true. In fact this was not the first time that the United States and its citizens were secretly in official bankruptcy. It was actually our fourth bankruptcy.

We have been bankrupt right from the start. It’s how banks prefer their patrons, because they can charge them high interest rates and get away with requiring all sorts of servitude, that they would never get away with under prosperity. In 1776 we won our “independence” from England, but we were financially bankrupted by the costs of the war. We took a loan and entered into a bankruptcy agreement with the Bank Of England. The terms of this agreement required us to give our new found property rights over to the bank. Thus the Bank Of England owned the United States Of America
The Civil War also created another bankruptcy opportunity for the international bankers. The European bankers helped ferment the war, and then cashed in on our weakened state. In return for our solvency they would extract their pound of flesh! They would do this by dismantling the constitution of one of the major countries whose existence challenged the authority of the crown.

Shortly after the Civil War, congress passed The Act of 1871, which threw out our real constitution, replaced it with the corporate constitution, and created the District Of Columbia. The new country would be called THE UNITED STATES (in all capital letters) as opposed to The United States Of America. The Constitution for the united states of America, as it was once written, was changed to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The capital letters were placed into the constitution and the name of the country for very specific reasons. The people who drafted the changes where changing the government from a republic to a corporation. In a Republic we each had fixed, sovereign rights, that could not be changed by the majority, or the whims of the powerful. As a corporation however, we now only had “privileges”, which would be subject to change by forces outside the individual.

You are also a corporation. Bet you didn’t know that! I know, I was shocked when I found out. They don’t tell you this in school. However if you look on your birth certificate, drivers license, or any other legal certificate from the government, you will see your name in capital letters. The reason for this is so that the owners of the United States Corporation can own you.

The government does not work for the people. It is beholden to the corporation. The center of the corporation is The District Of Columbia. The lawmakers there work for the corporation, not you and me anymore. The corporation controls the democrats and the republicans. They may try and fool people who do not really understand, but once you know these facts they will no longer be able to fool us.

In 1909 there was a major down turn in the economy ( probably purposeful shrinkage of the money supply ) and the banksters took advantage again by creating the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The foreign owners ( hypothecated ) were given the right to all land, and all people, inside the United States Of America, as security. In exchange they would issue us credit, and print as much money as we would need. At least that was the plan that was sold to congress. The bank’s shareholders ( some foreign families ) were given title to everything within the United States, and we the people, would be listed as the beneficiaries, by way of a birth certificate. This certificates would be a commodity. Your birth certificate is given specific monetary value and traded on the stock exchange. The red numbers on your birth certificate correspond to your stock number that is traded on the stock exchange.

You didn’t know you where traded on the stock exchange? I didn’t know either, for the longest time, but it’s true. In fact it is estimated that you are worth between 1-2 million dollars. You can read more about this later in the final chapters where I talk about the Freeman Movement.

In 1933, after the banks restricted the money supply, causing the stock market to crash, and the great depression; congress passed The Emergency Banking Act. This dissolved the United States of America, it’s sovereign authority, and all of it’s governmental bodies. From that day on, the United States Of America would exist in name only.

Authority was turned over to the International Monetary Fund ( linked to the Rothschild’s ). The International Monetary Fund is the “center” of all the central banks around the world. Through similar schemes they have acquired the rights and legal title to most of the property and people around the world.

I find it so sad that politicians have through the ages, sold their countrymen’s freedom and prosperity out to the highest bidder. By doing this they have traded our children’s lives away in exchange for immediate personal fortune. This was true of colonial politicians, like Alexander Hamilton, and even the Joe Liberman’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, and Harry Reid’s of our day.

From Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD…

Kazi can be found on Facebook, his blog and liveperson.com


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Home is Where the Heart Is


From Mexico Corespondent Dori Rangel….

A strange mix of feelings runs through my body whenever I think about immigration. It’s difficult for me to process the large number of thoughts and images that come to mind, as well as the many stories I’ve heard since childhood. Throughout my life time there seems to have been a never ending stream of people who have left behind what was most important – their families, their homes, their Mexico – in hopes of a better life.

Years ago, when I was still a student, a group of my friends came to me with news that someone offered them employment in the United States. It was legal work in a carpet factory that offered a high salary for the average Mexican. It was for a period of 6 months with an option for another 6, and offered both food and lodging.

I listened in amazement at their enthusiasm, as many of my friends were educated, professional people with stable lives. I felt my goals were here in Mexico and so I passed. Regardless of my personal take on the matter, many of my friends and colleagues were intrigued. Soon enough, more than 25 of them decided to take the job offer.

I remember a couple of friends sold all their possessions, even their own beds, to cover the cost of making the move north to America. When the big day arrived, they made their way to the airport to leave for the United States, everything they owned packed into a suitcase.

The man who had supposedly hired them all and processed their visas for a fee however, never arrived. They waited for hours, and eventually discovered no one was coming. No tickets were issued in their name, no contracts ever existed. All been conned out of what little money they had. With broken dreams they returned to the city, many having lost their life savings, along with their faith in most anything at all. Some even found themselves homeless.

There’s no doubt, it’s difficult to find good work in Mexico. Not everyone has the luck or the opportunities. Sometimes people with college degrees, work under the command of people who haven’t studied past high school.

I studied pharmaceutical chemistry in university, but to this day I haven’t been able to utilize my degree. The chemistry sector is saturated in Mexico. These days I run a small business and work for the government part-time.

Years ago, one of my best friends decided to try his luck in Canada. He called and told me I should come as well, as there were many jobs available and the overall standard of life was high. I discussed it with my family and eventually, the anguish of being unable to obtain a decent job furled my decision to go. This in spite of the suffering my children would have to endure.

I sent my documents and after a time was approved to legally work there. Not long before going, my mother suffered a stroke. It was our original plan for my mother to join us, but now she couldn’t and I no longer had the support of my mother to care for my children. I never went to Canada and today I’m still in Mexico.

The lack of jobs and further still the high quantity of low paying jobs, are the main factors in that lead many to choose migration as a solution to hardship. This choice then triggers a series of consequences.

What it does is in fact create a greater sense of desperation in the economic sector and worse still, a false dream of America; one that does not import all the risks and dangers involved in a “jump to the other side.”

Among the many of consequences is the disintegration of entire families. Before it was only the men, brave, despereate and adventurous, but now many women go alone. More often than not, it’s done for the love of family. Children stay behind under the care of an immediate family member, but who can replace the figure of a father or mother? Absolutely no one.

Another result of the nearby border is many young Mexicans simply choosing, from day one, not to study or build a life in their own country. In leaving Mexico behind, many lose a sense of identity, do not have U.S. citizenship, and are often not even recognized as Mexicans.

In the end, Mexican immgrants are often exposed to unscrupulous people who pack them away in trains and trucks, leaving them without food or water. When they reach the other side of the border extortion, discrimination, beatings, sexual violence, abductions and even murders are often waiting for them. Few manage to achieve the American dream, and those who manage to do so lose some of their roots.

Through all of this, the one question I keep asking myself is, “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” 

We were created to be free and equal, and our dedication to making things better for ourselves and our families is what makes us human.  But why do we suffer for wanting a better life in a country other than our own, instead of making our lives better here at home? We can do it, each and every one of us. I know we can…. all we have to do is try.


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