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Top Ten Most Watched TV Broadcasts


mashcompleteboxset_mPeople love to watch TV.  Television can be our best friend, our babysitter or psychologist. Maybe the best (or worst) part of it is that when we watch TV,  it does all the work for us.  We don’t need use our minds to create like we do when reading.  When we read, our  imagination has to conjure up images and scenes, but good old television allows us sit back while someone else does the work. The whole world watches more TV than ever before, but nowhere do people watch more television than in the United States. The average American household has more TVs than children and watches more than four hours of television per day. That equals about 30 hours per month or two entire months of non-stop television watching per year. Going further still, for every six years, that equals one non-stop year of watching TV and more than a decade straight of sitting in front of television in the average American lifetime. Depsite watching TV day in and day out, every once in awhile, something special hits the airwaves that tunes more people in than usual. The list below contains the 10 highest rated television broadcasts in American history, and with Americans watching more TV than anyone else,  the list in turn represents our planet’s ten highest rated TV broadcasts of all time.

*source: Wikipedia


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  • NO KIDDING, CONDOLEEZA! In a video at the recently opened George W. Bush Library, Condoleeza Rice confirms Bush was both aware and condoned torture. Guess there’s no need to lie your asses off anymore, is there Dipshit?
  • NO MATTER WHAT, IT'S WORTH IT With its Tex-Mex menu, Taco Bell is one of the most popular fat-food chains in America. No matter what happens after you eat it..
  • TURKISH AUTISTIC ATHIESTS “Autistic children do not know believing in God because they do not have a section of faith in their brains,” claims a renowned Turkish Sociologist. Gotta love nut-jobs, like this asshole! They’re so entertaining!



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