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Sponsor A Wealthy Child Today


sponsor-a-wealthy-childFrom Marc Van Gurp…

Sponsor a Wealthy Child (SaWC) is an online game that turns the world of Humanitarian aid upside down. Families from the Developing World come to the rescue of Western children ravaged by relational poverty. It is about these questions: Who really is wealthy and who is poor?

Sponsor a Wealthy Child comes with three infomercials telling the stories of children in need. Like the story of Zachary (see above), a 14 year old child who lives with his family in the Middle West. Like thousands of other children in his area of the world, Zachary had sunk into a state of severe Internet addiction. In this video you’ll discover how his Vietnamese sponsors helped save him from the grip of relational poverty.

It is communication technique of parody what is also used in the strong campaigns from SAIH. Remember Africa For Norway. SaWC goes a step further. It is also about material wealth. Does it undermined the relationships we can have with our neighbors, friends, grandparents?

Julien Boisvert, the creator of SaWC:

My project brings above all a critic to our consumerist society, but it also adresses questions to the North/South hierarchy. By fliping the direction of humanitarian aid, I also flip the normative frame of what is a fulfilling life. Suddently, people of the Global south, although most of them are dramatically poor, have something the Westerners have lost in the last decades: quality’s relations. Through a map displayed on the project’s site, the West becomes a uniform region.

Read this good interview with Julien Boisvert @ Memefest. The project is also available in French as Parrainez un enfant riche.



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FCKH8. Dam Straight.


From David Anthony Hohol… 

FCKH8-girlJust three days ago a for-profit activist organization, FCKH8, released a social awareness campaign that draws attention to gender inequalities that still exist in today’s postmodern world. It has become wildly controversial due to the fact that the accompanying promotional video for the campaign stars a collection of young girls, aged 6 to 13, dropping f-bombs to drive home the point. A second repeated criticism is that although the company gives one third, or 5 dollars for every 15 dollar t-shirt sold to charitable causes related to their campaign, they are profiting from getting young girls to use foul language. As one writer put it: 

“The company has built a veritable empire by throwing the veil of social good over more capitalist ambitions. Power to you, guys. You’re clever businessmen. Just don’t expect us to laud your grand stand for feminism — been there, done that, will not buy the T-shirt.”

Some have gone so far as to say the these girls are being used as props for ideological propaganda, while others main point of criticism is that having the girls talk about the statistic that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in their life time takes away their innocence.

My stance? In the spirit of the campaign, let me say this… God forbid someone makes some cash while at the same time bringing attention to causes that are often overlooked or ignored altogether. Propaganda?  Loss of innocence? Kids this age walk around connected to the web, television and movies 24/7. Their innocence, a term so very relative to each generation, has been tried and tested long before this campaign. Believe me, this is not your Dad’s world anymore. Get over it. Kids swear, talk about rape, sex and a whole lot more.  This is not a pejorative statement, but rather simply an observation of life for today’s young people.

fckh8What amazes me is that talk of rape and the use of foul language makes some more uncomfortable than the act of rape and inequality in general itself. I am a father to young girl. I would much rather she be armed with the knowledge of what lay in front of her, not to corrupt her innocence or to make her live in fear, but to strengthen her resolve, to implore her to make a difference, and to have her understand she doesn’t have to stand for anything less than what she most wants out of life simply because she’s a girl.

To all those up in arms about the video, I say this: Pull the pilgrim stick out of your you know what and get with what the campaign is about. It’s not the delivery that matters most in this case. It’s the message.

FCKH8. Dam straight. I want a dam T-shirt. 


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There’s No Vaccine For Violence


downloadFrom Mark Van Gurp…

UNICEF tells us something we all know: there is no vaccine for violence. And yet it is a surprising statement what the make in their new video because of the way of narrating and the lack of stereotypes.

Released in October, the video is the start of the UNICEF UK’s new  2014 Children in Danger campaign. They asks the viewer to imagine what it would be like if there was a ‘violence vaccine’ that could protect children and ensure they were safe.

Titled A Vaccine for Violence the video focuses on one young victim of gang violence who is seen visiting a chemist in the hope he will be given something that will protect him. The film, ends with the message ‘There is no vaccine…there is only you. Act now to help end violence against children.’

In its report “Children in Danger: Act to End Violence against Children” UNICEF outlines that globally some 345 children under the age of 20 could die from violence each day in the next year, unless governments act. 
Governments are currently developing a new set of global targets and UNICEF are calling on David Cameron to champion this via the public’s support.

David Bull, Executive Director of Unicef UK: 
“We live in a world where some children are too scared to walk out of their own front doors or play on their streets.  We want children living in fear to have a chance of feeling safe and secure.  A global target would galvanise action to make the world safer for children. We know from Unicef’s work on the ground that violence can be prevented and survivors supported to rebuild their lives – but this work needs to be rolled out on a wider scale. Each day we delay more children will be exposed to the corrosive impact of violence.”

Source: http://osocio.org/


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Paper City


From Marc van Gurp…

Energiaklub-papercity‘Energy efficiency house renovations’ is not the sexiest topic in 2014. But it is very important in the battle against climate change. Moreover, it can save money. Hungarian agency BEE released a campaign video about it May 18th. And it looks like they’ve had a lot of fun making it.

Instead of the overused animation techniques or info-video styles, they built a 3D mock-up city entirely from paper. They created more than 120 small paper houses, cutting out more than 2000 tiny windows and doors. The video features not only houses, but also a paper pig, cars, a bus stop, solar panels, and even a bathtub, sink and a paper-painting.

The video emphasizes through simple messaging, how different actions can help not just in reducing CO2 emissions, but also for families to cut their energy costs.
The project was completed with their main partner Energiaklub.

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One In Seven


From David Anthony Hohol…

I’m a middle-aged guy who is mostly happy with his life choices and how things are going so far. That being said, it’s often forgotten not all of us have the privilege of self-determination. What would my life be if I were a girl, born in one of the world’s many  developing countries? The one thing I do know, the only thing I know for sure, is how I feel about my life would be very different. Recognize the rights that those before you fought for; keep in mind those who live in parts of the world who have yet to receive them.


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Make Your Move


images (1)From Tom Megginson…

Make Your Move Missoula is “a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence” in Montana, USA.

The positive message of standing up against rape culture is reminiscent of a trend we’ve been tracking by the American Association of University Women, The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, and Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton.

Almost a year ago, Jezebel.com reported that the city of Missoula was known as the “rape capital of America” due to an alarming number of sexual assaults at the University of Montana. This campaign is a reaction to that issue.

The creative may be a little gimmicky, but the conversation is an important one. It continues on Facebook, where people are sharing their “best moves” to end sexual violence.





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City Of Women


5667462218_211da561df_bFrom Saudi Arabian Corespondent Eman Al Naafjan…

This past decade unemployment in Saudi has kept increasing despite the several plans and projects made by the education ministry, civil services and the ministry of labor. Numbers vary from one source to another with government research usually being the smaller of the bunch. But even the government’s numbers are considerably high. The latest official number for male unemployment is 10.5%. The annual flooding in of a million migrant workers into the country who are willing to work longer for less exacerbates this state of affairs. A recent report by the ministry of labor states that for every Saudi employed this past year in the private sector, there were thirteen expatriates hired.

Saudi women fare much worse with an official unemployment rate of 29.6%. Other official estimates are that over 78% of those graduating from college are unemployed. Four years ago the press got ahold on the number of applicants to 218 positions at the Princess Noura University and it was over 40,000! That’s about 200 applicants per vacancy. I analyzed some of the reasons why back then.

Last year when the Arab Spring sparks were flying within Saudi, the government started an unemployment program called Hafiz (meaning encouragement or boost). The minister of labor, Adel Fakieh gave a PowerPoint presentation at his office in Riyadh which David Ottaway wrote about in an enlightening report on his 2012 visit to Saudi:

Fakieh began by taking issue with the Central Department of Statistics estimate that the number of unemployed Saudis was only 448,000. He reported that more than two million Saudis had applied for the $533 monthly unemployment allowance under the government’s new social security Hafiz Program launched last year. Those who would finally meet the necessary criteria would probably total slightly more than one million, he said, disclosing that his ministry had discovered that 85 percent of those applying were women. “Hundreds of thousands” of housewives had applied, but he claimed they were not “real job seekers.” Many were well off financially, did not really want to work, or would only accept certain kinds of jobs, according to their applications. This explained why the government intended to accept only about half of the two million applicants. Those accepted would have to prove they were really looking for employment and be ready to accept training and take offered jobs. If not, they would be dropped from the program after one year.

I don’t know about Fakeih’s “many were well off financially” part, considering that the average two-income Saudi family earns only 8,000 riyals (2,133USD) and has to pay 30% to 35% of that for rent. Add that statistic to another presented by the head of the real estate commission in the Eastern Region that 70% of Saudis do not own their houses and you’ve got a pretty humble picture that does not quite mesh with Fakeih’s “many were well off” but still applied for unemployment benefits.

Hafiz remains a great program although I’ve seen many upset on social media that the benefits expire in a year’s time and that a person on these benefits has to make weekly updates to show that they are actively seeking a job.

Hafiz was not the only project introduced in last year’s decrees. Another much more groundbreaking development was that women were finally allowed to work openly in retail at malls. Before then, the only public spaces women were allowed to sell products at were on mats on the sides of the curb at souks. For a few months now it has been legal for women to work as cashiers at supermarkets and sales-persons at lingerie and make-up counters but many sheikhs still can’t get used to the sight.

Last June two Saudi lawyers and a businessman won a case at the Board of Grievances to abort the royal decree allowing women to work openly in malls and return Saudi to a time when women could only work in retail if the shop front was completely covered and only women clients allowed in. Fortunately and unusually our wacky system worked for women this time and the ministry of labor seems so far to have ignored the Board of Grievances decision. That’s why over the past couple of weeks, envoys of ultra conservative sheikhs, fifty at a time, have been going to the ministry demanding to see the minister to remind him about the Board of Grievances decision and to demand a return to extreme gender segregation policies.

Some of the alternatives that ultra-conservatives have proposed as a means of income for women are that all Saudi women be granted a governmental stipend to stay home, initiation of programs where women can work from home and the opening of women-only malls, factories, hospitals…etc.

At first look it seems that one of those alternatives is seeing the light of day some time in the near future. Last week it came out that the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) is planning a half million square meters industrial city near Hofuf. The industrial city is inaccurately being touted as women-only by some news media. The announcement was actually made by the general director of Modon, Salah Al-Rasheed. In an interview with Al-Eqtasadiyah newspaper, Al-Rasheed explained that the industrial city would provide Saudis with 10,000 jobs, of which half will be targeted towards women. Another way that this project will be helping women is through making women investments easier. Al-Rasheed goes on to say that it will be located close to Hofuf so that transportation will be accessible to women. Nowhere within the interview or available firsthand information does it state that the industrial city is planned to be a full-blown women only metropolitan. So I wonder why international journalists are making it out to be that?

From Modon’s website and Al-Rasheed’s interview, it’s apparent that the “women” part comes from the novelty of having women allowed on a manufacturing site and not that it will be completely operated from A to Z by women. In a country where the Highest Islamic Council has on it’s website a fatwadiscouraging people from allowing women to specialize in scientific fields and where the number of women who have experience in industry is somewhere around zero, it wouldn’t be business-savvy to open a whole industrial city for women. It would be basically opening a ghost town and burning millions of dollars.

These women industrial cities (I say cities because the one in Hofuf is the first of several that are being planned for across the kingdom) are going to be industrial areas just outside major cities where Saudi women can apply for jobs in designated buildings to do what Al-Rasheed called “light and clean parts of manufacturing in an appropriate environment.”

The reaction so far within Saudi has been quiet. This is because these types of projects take several years to be built and started up. The ultra-conservatives are currently too busy chasing female cashiers and sales-women to question or even advocate for the industrial city. The only reaction so far was from Ms. Olfat Kabbani, deputy director of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kabbanni expressed her reservations about the project. She told Okaz newspaperthat the real need is to right now provide training, remove legal obstacles and encourage investors to integrate women into their workforce.

According to Modon’s website, there are already “more than 3,000 factories in the existing industrial cities with investments exceeding 250 billion riyals, and more than 300,000 employees.” I wonder how many of those 300,000 employees are Saudis? And why can’t women apply today to work in these 3,000 factories? Aren’t there any “light and clean parts of manufacturing in an appropriate environment” at any of them?

You can listen to me repeat much of what I wrote above HERE.


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My Fellow American


From David Anthony Hohol…

The atmosphere of wariness applied by many to American Muslims marginalizes what once made The United States of America one of the greatest countries in which to live, and the very values the country was founded upon. I am not the only one who sees The USA as in decline in terms of its moral base, a base that once guided the world. It’s neighbor to the North, Canada and it’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has replaced the American Bill of Rights as the constitutional document most emulated by other nations. Most of the world looks at the United States as complicating world affairs, more than helping them and overall, the American image has taken a tumble. The ugly nature of politics within the country since Obama’s election to the office of President has also revealed that racism and prejudice is an issue far from being settled.

I recently came across an interesting website, My Fellow American, that touches upon these very ideals. It was created to offer a new method of chronicling the tale of Muslims in America and to provide people a safe platform to discuss their opinions. The video above is their site promo.


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Love Over Fear – Thriving In A Time Of Chaos


From Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD…

Are you trying to maintain a positive attitude on the inside while all around you your world is crashing down around you?  There is a reason that this generation is the first generation, in recent memory, that could have less than the previous one. The truth is you have been lied to, manipulated, and set up, your entire life. The game was set up way before you were even born. Your parents were lied to also, and their parents before them. While they toiled under these lies, it is only now, in this generation, that ignorance of this system will lead to total disaster. For the power elite that run the game are calling in their cards. This is the pivotal point in history that everything will change. You must wake up. You can regain your vision by learning how to see around their lies. You can be free from those who seek to control you!

Often things are more than they appear to be.  I remember when I thought I was nothing before I was born.  As if something can come from nothing.  Now I know better.  Now I know that I am as old as the stars, and that everything is.  Even inside the first cell that made you were millions of ancient particles.  From many other lifetimes, even cosmic matter from distant galaxies. When I open to it, I can even feel it.  When I get real still I can feel the energy flowing through everything.  I can even close my eyes and be right there with it.

I am writing a book called “ Love Over Fear: Thriving In A Time of Chaos” for those who are ready to take an evolutionary step towards actually creating the life they have been wanting, even as the structures they were once use to, crumble around them. There is tremendous guidance and love waiting to help you in the universe, but make no mistake about it, this is not an easy road.  You will have to leave some of your baggage at the wayside.  Sometimes things that were once very dear.  Each person or circumstance we find in our life can be a path for us to self love, or inner happiness. Even the paths that take us down dark roads and end badly for us are also teachers, and were divinely, lovingly, placed on our path for us to grow from.

There are two forces in this world; light and dark, yin and yang. While the force of light grows steadily from generation to generation, progressively increasing its followers, and their enlightenment; there is also a dark force, of people who resist the light. People who seek power and ever increasing monetary gain have erected a web of control.

Do you think this is a conspiracy theory? Well then I suggest you go over to the state of Georgia and read The Georgia Guidestones. It’s a group of large stones with writing on them. It was put up recently. By who, it is unknown, but it specifically states their intention to wipeout the world’s population, down to half a billion people, who will then be sustainable to control. I will outline for you in this book how they plan to go about this. Basically, it has to do with a type of full spectrum dominance, by means of poisoning our immune systems, political corruption, and economic collapse.

I feel it’s important to discuss both light and dark knowledge. It is vital today to have an understanding of both. I invite you to google or research anything I say in my  book. In fact, I beg you to, because I want you to see for yourself that what I’m saying is really real. Times are such, that if you are not actively working on solutions to the problems you see around you, and actively resisting the dark forces, then you will be contributing to them. Silence is not an option!

Our ancestors could have stopped this during the War of 1812, but they chose to stay in illusion. So the power of the international banking families grew. They could have stopped it in 1912 and avoided the Federal Reserve Act from passing, the following year. They stayed silent, and allowed the international bankers to widen their control of society. Perhaps by 2012 we can get a true movemnet going, but only if we begin to act differently, and make radical changes. We need to understand that we our not just the light we create for ourselves inside us, but we are the sum of the light from all around us that travels through us! We need each other, and we need to help lift each other to our highest frequencies.

For me, the way to help do this is a way of thinking I call Liberation Psychology. Liberation Psychology can change not just your political way of looking at the world, but EVERYTHING you know and understand about the world! My book is the culmination of years of research and contains within it’s pages everything you need to know in order to think and be free.

The first thing I attempt to do in the book is clear your vision by removing illusions. Have the courage to take a look at the way the world really is. Being too afraid is not an option. I know you may have problems, and feel overwhelmed, however the globalists agenda will run right over you if you keep your eyes closed. Your silence feeds them. So here is the truth:

The perception of a benevolent government is a designed lie:

Most people who do not have their heads buried completely in the sand realize now that the government has been taken over by corporations. I have to tell you however that it is far worse than that, and goes back much longer than you may imagine.

President Kennedy was not the first president assassinated by the international banking families. In my book I show you that there have been far more presidential assassinations and poisonings, some failed, some successful, then you have been led to believe. All of them can be tied to the same international banking families. All together 6 American presidents have been assassinated. Four of them were shot. Two were poisoned. Another president survived his poisoning. Andrew Jackson, who campaigned on the slogan “No Banks”, survived 5 assassination attempts. When he left office, he himself, said that the international bankers were trying to kill him.

Eventually the European corporate interests took over our government and in the Act of 1871 changed our government literally / legally to a corporation.  The European bankers, through bribes, and pressure got congress to throw out the original constitution, and replace it with a corporate constitution, favoring them. The “President” of a corporation is perhaps in charge of running the day to day business matters, but they are not the “owners” or even the “board of directors”.  The true owners of the new UNITED STATES CORPORATION were the international banking families.

The true owners want to maximize their profit from you while lowering your number to a sustainable level:

To do this the international banking families want to seize control of all the resources on the planet. All the governments under one world government, which they can control. All the land, sea, and air. To gain this control they have to break each one of these things first, and then make people think that they can save them through regulation. Which of course they would have their people control. Not to mention getting their greedy little hands on more and more sources of revenue through taxing the people and small businesses for these regulations.

Did I mention wars? It’s important for them to fund wars and make profits from countries fighting each other and buying supplies from the various companies. Which are all owned by the international banking families. Even if they have to make up false reasons by staging events. The banking families have caused all the world wars, and cold wars. They are even behind the inside forces that did 9/11 and killed all those people in the World Trade Center.

This can be hard to take in, but read my book, and do your own research. The international banking families call it “The Great Culling”. They are engineering / poisoning with toxins, our food, water, and air. By owning the pharmaceutical, and health related companies, they profit from providing us with pseudo cures for the different ailments they give us.

This includes vaccinations, which are getting more and more covert, as people wake up, and begin to refuse them. Plans are to use nano technology to put the vaccine poisons inside food, mosquitoes, and our water supply.


Now The Good News:

The good news is we ain’t going out like that! There is a great global awakening that is happening on a mass scale. It is important that you join in however, and take an active role. To stay a float and manifest abundance in these tough times is the key.

With this in mind I developed a whole new type of psychology called Liberation Psychology. We can free our minds! Thoughts become things…. The # 1 rule in the universe is the Law of Attraction, which states that like is attracted to like. It holds true whether you are talking about people in social situations, or great cosmic forces. That which is likened to itself is drawn. Thus the frequency of our thought attracts other frequencies of thoughts to it, which are of a similar vibration.

Science and spirituality are coming together. Matter is not seen as separate anymore. Everything is no longer seen as operating separate from any other thing. They further are finding that not only is everything not separate, but everything is made up of the same things!

Thus we are all interconnected. Some call it a sea, some call it a web, or grid. Although the names differ the idea is the same. Everything is connected, and everything is made up of the same things. The only difference between things is the rate of vibration. So for example, a chair you sit in, is made up of the same subatomic particles as you are. The only difference between you and the chair is your rate of vibration, or frequency. You vibrate within the human frequency, and the chair is vibrating within chair frequencies.

Science reveals to us that we are not the only life forms in the universe. It says that any atom in any planet passing around any star in the universe is as alive as any atom inside me. And that the life force that operates in me also operates through out the universe. Life, on the sub atomic level is everywhere. Like the 1970’s song says, we are stardust!

Learning to harness these vibrations is what becoming a creator is all about:

As we think    —– We feel

As we feel      —– We vibrate

As we vibrate —– We attract

There is no longer any doubt that our bodies hold innate knowledge and wisdom that we are only beginning to tap into. Applied Kinesiology developed by Dr. George Goodheart shows us that certain Indicator Muscles can tell us whether the item we are holding is good or bad for us. His pioneering work was followed by Dr. John Diamond, who found that you could get the same results with emotional and intellectual stimuli. He called this Behavioral Kinesiology.

As David Hawkins MD. explains in his ground breaking book, Power vs Force, this muscle testing technique has stood the test of time and has shown to be predictable, and repeatable with people of many different ages and backgrounds. Robert Williams takes muscle testing a bit further by using it as a tool to aid personal development. His Psych-K method using the latest brain research to reprogram your subconscious mind with conscious desires., thereby developing the beginning of a unified consciousness.

Learn to stalk power. Stalking Power is an indigenous technique that shaman have trained each other to do for centuries. It is done by quieting the mind and manipulating your own frequency to come into alignment with the power, or frequency of the object or area. Some power has been left behind. Some power is actively searching for stalkers. Some are benevolent, some are not so. However no energy can come within your field if you do not resonate with it on some level.

You do this by developing your impeccability. Particularly the impeccability of your word. Words are strong vibrators, and useful tools. It is important to stay focused on your goals.  Focus is vital, and will be called on during every step of your stalking power. The ability to quite your mind needs to be developed. Much like a weight lifter develops their physique.  Only with a quite mind does the prey hear the hunter approaching. If the prey is in fear and fleeting, it will not hear the coming attack, and can make no adjustment.

The question is not to become a master at the art of stalking. The task is to become a master, and the stalking ability will follow. Learn to let energy flow through you. You need to be able to tap into it at will, store it, and send it when needed. Be able to develop strong visualization ability. The stronger the visualization the stronger the frequency and vibration will be.  Above all, when you are learning to stalk power know that you will have to practice it. Frequent practice leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to clarity, and clarity leads to power.

Courage is the rock that you will build your new world on. It’s a courage that knows that there is nothing to fear. It’s a faith in love. For what is the worst that they can do to you? When we are able to redefine death, we can see it as part of a natural process of change, and transition. Death itself is not so scary. If there is no life after death, then you will not be in any pain. And if there is life after death then you can enjoy yourself in heaven. It’s a win – win situation!

You must remember that you are an eternal being! This means that the consciousness that is YOU will not end when this life does. For example, each night you close your eyes and your conscious mind shuts off. Yet the YOU that is you, continues. You may not remember the dream when you wake, but you know that you were dreaming. You know that YOU where somewhere else. You know that you continued on without your present body. You do it each night, and you will do it in death. Do not fear, you will drift into your next life as surely as you slip between dreams.

We are human antennas. If you doubt this walk over to a radio or television set in the room and try to get a better picture. The screen will get clearer when you touch it. This can only happen because you are an antenna, and just like your body can tune in tv signals it can also pick up many other signals and frequencies across time and space.

Besides being receivers we also send out energy and are also transmitters. We can now observe spikes in electrostatic charge during healing sessions from healers. This remained true whether or not the test subjects where close together or far apart. The most important factor was whether or not the subject maintained the intention of healing. Intention is the most important element in any equation. For without intention you have nothing and with intention every possibility becomes instantly available!

When we learn to harness the power of intention, and can wield it at will we become masters of our world. In the 1970’s a scientist named Fritz – Albert Popp found that all living things emitted a constant current of light. He further found that the light is used to communicate between organisms.

Later scientists found that light carries information. Take for example a star. The light from a star may take millions of years to reach us. The image we get carries information with it about the star even if it long ago died.

Everything in the universe responds to everything else. Not just chemically on a quantum level, but also through light communication. We now can prove that even microscopic bacteria are in constant communication with each other even when they are not touching one another.

Plants are no different. Experiments have shown that plants respond to stimuli even when they are not in direct contact with the stimulus. One experimenter noticed that the plants he had hooked up to measuring devises registered a response to boiling water being poured down the sink. It wasn’t until closer examination that they noticed the plants were actually responding to bacteria that was found in the sink drain.

This would then be replicated with shrimp and yogurt and a host of other organisms and conditions. Researchers found that plants responded to threats of pain or death of other organisms whether they we in the room with them or miles away. The important variable seemed to be the intent of the perpetrator. Once the plant picked up the communication it reacted by a rise in electrostatic activity.

Perhaps most amazing was that they also got the same spike from the plants when  someone merely THOUGHT of doing harm. When healers were studied they also were able to get corresponding spikes in the plants during healings.


Reclaiming your sovereignty:


At birth you are given a name by your parents, and an entity is set aside by the government, or US CORPORATION ( after1933 ) to represent you. This is called your STRAWMAN. Your name will from then on be printed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on all your future government documents, like birth certificate, drivers license….etc. It is an artificial corporate person, that can be acted upon by the corporate government. Your strawman is signified by the red letters, and numbers on your birth certificate, social security card. Your birth certificate is bought, sold, and traded on the stock exchange. Yes, the government is making money off of you! Private bankers own you, your property, and the government corporation can have the right to control the movement of you through your strawman.

A sovereign has taken back the right to their strawman and their strawman is not subject to the government’s laws outside of the laws of commerce, which is the supreme law. The problem is that when your parents signed your birth certificate, or when you signed a marriage certificate, and when you paid taxes and had social security withheld…etc…You signed away your rights to sovereignty. By not objecting, you brought into reality your strawman and legally bound yourself to the rules of the US CORPORATION.

Your strawman is YOUR PERSON. Your person is chattel property and when the government acts upon you it acts on YOUR PERSON. It’s like a coat that you can take off. If the coat is on, you must operate under the corporation’s rules, for they are over you. They have the right to punish you for violating their rules. When you get the coat off, you are a sovereign, and on equal footing with the corporation ( government ) and cannot be punished by their laws, as long as you hold up your end of the contract, and abide by uniform commerce laws.

Along with your strawman the government corporation also creates a bond for you ( the red number on your birth certificate ). They hold it for you and never tell you about it. They will however trade it on the stock exchange, and make money off of it.

In 1871 when congress gave the government over to the bankers the first thing the bankers went for was the constitution. They changed the title from The Constitution for the united states of America to THE CONSTUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Why would the name change be so important to them? The answer is that now it’s a corporate constitution, and the corporation is free to change it, to regulate it, and to punish person’s who violate their dictates.

The DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA was set up as the headquarters of the corporation. This headquarters would not be under Common Law, as in the days of the old constitution, but instead the new constitution, and the new government would run under Roman Civil Law, or Admiralty / Maritime Law ( Law of the Seas ) also known as Private International Law.

If you haven’t noticed, after the bailout fiasco in 2008, congress does not work for you. Not any more. Congressmen are employees of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The corporation has arms called Departments. All so called “public servants” actually work for the corporation. Remember the corporation is a private, for profit entity, purely in place to serve its own interests and that of its stock holders. Thus you will find many of your local governments and police departments publicly traded on the stock market, based on how much revenue they generate for the “corporation”. Now you know why there are so many traffic cops.

The days of the policeman on the corner, protecting the neighborhood are gone. They are now revenue generators for the corporation. Besides generating revenue, they also enforce the collection of it too. If there are violators, they will also go after them for the corporation too. When a similar lens is held up to the court system we find the same thing. The courts work for the corporation, enforce its laws, and punish those who stray outside its lines

So how does one go about reclaiming their sovereignty? This is a matter of much debate and complication. I will not be able to fully and completely go into a detailed explanation here, however there are many places you can go for more information and to research your own answers. You can look at the reference list at the end of this article for more information.

Like anything there is a full spectrum of responses to this, and each individual is free to choose their level of interest. At one end of the spectrum you have people who have moved out of their homes, resettled in the wilderness, and filed the necessary papers with the government. While at the other end of the spectrum some choose to educate themselves about their legal rights, without ever asking the government for any substantial redress.

For some people, their jobs, pensions, and other circumstances are too tied into the system for them to benefit from trying to remove themselves. Freedom from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION comes at a very high price, because you have been paying into the system your whole life. However, if they crash the economy and take all the jobs and pensions over seas, there may not be anything left to take benefit in. Perhaps by arming ourselves with this information we can better prepare our children, and future generations, so that they can live freer than we were able to?

Personal Sovereignty is our birthright, however it is taken from us at birth, and it is up to us to claim it back. Each person must decide to do so individually and in your own way. Some people can make court challenges. Some people can choose to stop cooperating with the system, in the government, at work, at the bank, or whatever other places they choose.


The FREEDOM Principles

F ight back against the New World Order.

R esist the tyranny of the elite.

E ducate yourself and others.

E scape the matrix you were born into.

D ivest from the corporate state.

O vercome feeling helpless.

M anifest your dreams and desires.


It is clear to me what their intentions are, and I know that any fight begun now, will most likely not end in my lifetime. What we are looking at will be more like a hundred year struggle, similar to the Muslim’s Intifada ( which means “shaking off” ). So prepare, and remember in the immortal words of John Lennon, “war is over, if you want it”.

For the banksters lose the moment you stop giving them power over your mind. One by one we can awaken and claim our independence. As you wake up, try to share this information with others. Some will welcome the information, others will try desperately to cling to the old myths they were taught. Your only task is to maintain your light. You are not responsible for anyone else’s light.

Non Cooperation is our key weapon. The more people that stop cooperating with the machine the quicker we can clog its gears. Give your heart and mind to the effort. Throw your body into the gears and bring it to a grinding halt!

There are many ways to resist tyranny. It is not as important which you do, as much as it is the fact that you consciously choose to do something. We will all be called on to help in this struggle. Not just for your personal freedom, but for all your fellow human beings, and the planet as a whole.

There are direct actions you can take, if that is your inclination. You can join a protest group, sign petitions, or be part of an Abundance Group, for example. You can choose to write, or post articles and videos about what you believe, and what you see going on. Some may be attracted to financial protests or acts of non cooperation.

The New World Order is so vast, that we will need your individual expertise and abilities to hit them back on as many fronts as possible. Your skills as a teacher, carpenter, businesswoman, or office worker; are all equally needed. Share this information with as many people as possible. Some people will awaken, and some may fear the information. Be patient, and persist.


* Find out more information about Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD. at:

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Get on his email list to be notified when the book  is available:

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Osocio – Bad Anti-Drinking Campaign Ends In Regret


From Tom Megginson

I’ve been watching this social marketing cautionary tale unfold all week, from the first time I saw it in Jezebel on Tuesday, to Feministing‘s call for a write-in protest campaign on Wednesday, to yesterday’s news on Adland that the offending parts of the campaign had been removed.

What was the big problem?


Included in The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s online ”Control Tonight” campaign, this was part of a series of consequences of binge drinking. In Jezebel’s words, the ad “almost defies parody to make the case that if you drink too much, someone might rape your friend, and it will be your fault. That dovetails nicely into the idea that if you get raped after drinking, you should blame your drunk ass friends. Guys, this sort of thing isn’t helpful.”

Feministing said, “Again we see our culture continuing to teach ‘Don’t get raped!’ instead of ‘Don’t rape.’ And instead of teaching people how to make sure they’re properly getting consent from someone they’re hooking up with, our society perpetuates a mindset that makes women feel guilty for a crime committed against them.”

A version included on the site also blamed the victim’s friends:

The ad was voluntarily pulled on Thursday.

More after the break.


Also gone from the campaign site are these other shock ads (images via The Daily Mail):


This is exactly the kind of campaign that cause advertisers think will work, because it’s “edgy”, but which has all sorts of regrettable unintended consequences. First of all, a shock ad just like the “Porcelain Prince” one, above, was found to have actually increased the likelihood that youth at risk would binge drink.

According to Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, “ people who are already feeling guilt or shame resort to something called ‘defensive processing’ when confronted with more of either, and tend to disassociate themselves with whatever they are being shown in order to lessen those emotions.” That is, the ads actually create a kind of reverse effect by making viewers even less likely to identify themselves with the person and consequences shown.

Which brings us to the even more disastrous shaming tactic of rape victim-blaming.

The campaign site still has this:

“Men and women who binge drink are more likely to have unprotected sex and multiple sex partners—increasing the risk of unintended pregnancy and STDs6. But you can help your friends avoid dangerous decisions that might have lifelong consequences.

Binge drinking can cause good friends to make bad decisions. They may not know where to draw the line when on a date, or when to leave before things go too far. They might forget to use protection and risk getting an STD. Help them stay in control so they are aware of what they’re doing and can make good decisions.”

Which is a little better than showing an image which, in the words of Julie Mastrine, a junior from Penn State University “is very triggering for rape victims.”

I have no doubt that the creators of this campaign meant well. They were trying to “tell it like it is”, using strong words and images to get attention. But social marketing is not just about getting attention. It is about persuading people to adopt more positive behaviors by providing moral (or more material) incentives of altruism and/or self interest. It is a complicated and sensitive matter. And it is very easy to give the wrong message for the right reasons.

Hopefully, this is a teachable moment for liquor control authorities around the world, as well as for responsible advertisers and ad men and women. It’s not an exact science, what we do. But at least we can learn from industry mistakes.


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Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board




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