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Eman Al Nafjan

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henna_handsBorn in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Staff Writer Eman Al Nafjan is the daughter of a Saudi Military Officer, moving often and throughout Saudi Arabia as a child. She later spent a significant portion of her childhood living in the United States. Al Nafjan has a BA in English Literature from the University of Riyadh and a Master’s Degree from the University of Birmingham in England. Currently she is working towards a PhD in linguistics.  Her exposure to both domestic and international plurality brings with it a multi-layered understanding of her own region and unique perspective of our world. More than anything, her varied background instills within her a deep-seeded interest in culture.  A courageous and transparent writer who uses both humor and passion in her work, Al Nafjan offers RELATIVTY OnLine another unique perspective and further still, true insight into heart of the sometimes mysterious Gulf Culture of the Middle East.  She also runs her own very enlightening blog at


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